Recent Northport Golf Club news included:

On Sunday, June 25, in the Roger Lothrop one-day member-guest, Jesse Johnson and Mike Parent finished first at 64; Jean Brown and June Parent, second at 65; Dave Wentworth and Jake Wentworth, third at 67; Bruce Spaulding and Andy Spaulding, fourth at 68; Terry Whitney and Jim Hatch, along with Steve Stanford and Joe Holmes, tied for fifth at 69; and Mike Knox and Greg Paul, seventh at 70.

Preston Ward and Eric Lacroix finished first gross 72; and Tim Riley and Phil McFarland, second at 76.

The member pin winners were: Ed Lajoie, 11-11 on the third hole; Terry Whitney, 27-4 on the ninth; Tim Riley, 9-3 on the 12th; and Jean Brown, 12-6 on the 18th.

The guest pin winners were: Andy Spaulding, 7-8 on the third; Bert Whitten, 15-6 on the ninth; and Eric Lacroix, 20-4 on the 18th.

On Wednesday, June 21, in a scotch foursome, Frank Field and Jean Brown finished first gross 40; Mike Darres and Shirley Caler, along with Bob Barrett and Brenda Barrett, tied for first net 30; Paul Brown and Pat Wood, along with Tim Garland and Jean Templeton, as well as Bob Darbelnet and Mary Ann Darbelnet, tied third net 31; and Jim Boulier and Brenda Boulier, sixth net 33.

On Tuesday, June 20, in the twilight league, for Class A, Jesse Johnson finished first gross 35; Alex Carroll, second gross 39; Mike Knox and Preston Ward, tied third gross 40; John Ellis and Terry Whitney, tied first net 34; Paul Doody, second net 35; and Jeff Shula, Steve Stanford and Jake Thompson, tied third net 38.

For Class B, Bruce Spaulding finished first gross 42; Frank Field, second gross 43; Chad Otis, third gross 47; Dan Eaton, fourth gross 51; Duke Marston, first net 32; Cecil Eastman, second net 36; Phil Bowen, third net 37; and Larry Jones, fourth net 38.

The Class A pin winners were: Terry Whitney, 9-1 on the third and 25-8 on the ninth.

The Class B pin winners were: Cecil Eastman, 3-0 on the third; and Bruce Spaulding, 27-1 on the ninth.

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