Selectmen agreed June 22 to update a policy that outlines when elected officials can withdraw yearly stipends.

Town Manager Courtney O'Donnell researched policies in several municipalities and offered a draft policy allowing selectmen three options — monthly withdrawals, two yearly payments or one lump sum at the end of the fiscal year.

She noted there is a separate policy addressing town employee stipends.

"Currently, you can withdraw your stipend at any time — July 1 (the first day of the fiscal year) even and then not complete the term," O'Donnell said. " … This (policy) gives leeway without restricting to one option."

Selectman Peter Curley said he did not think the update was needed.

"There's never been a problem with the old way," he said. "So, I'm the type of person that, irregardless of how people feel, as long as it works, we don't need to change it. … I'm not in love with it but I'll go along with it."

In the past, Curley said, some board members have used the yearly stipend to pay property taxes and withdrawn it entirely in October for that purpose.

Selectman Lesley Cosmano took a different view.

"We're employees, so we're paid for our service," she said, adding it makes more sense to be paid when the work is at its end.

O'Donnell said there have been problems in other towns, which required additional, unexpected funds.

"I think it would be wise to have something in the books to fall back on," Cosmano said.

With Selectman Sara Skofield absent, the board unanimously approved the updated policy.