Recent news from the Northport Golf Club:

On Sunday, July 9, in a Ryder Cup format, for men, Peter Hodgkins and Dan Eaton finished first at 62; Kevin Nickerson and Steve Stanford, as well as Jesse Johnson and Randy Berry, tied for second at 63; Jeff Dutch and Cory Chase, fourth at 64; Alex Carroll and Jake Thompson, as well as Terry Whitney and Phil Bowen, Paul Doody and Brian Beaulieu, and Tim Riley and Don Pendergast, tied for fifth at 65.

The men's Class A pin winners were: Greg McDaniel, 3-10 on the third hole; Peter Hodgkins, 10-10 on the ninth; and Terry Whitney, 4-8 on the 12th and 6-0 on the 18th.

The men's Class B pin winners were: Jim Kunkel, 18-6 on the third; Scott Benzie, 31-7 on the ninth; Lee Robinson, 10-4 on the 12th; and Tim Garland, 15-3 on the 18th.

For women, Pat Wood and Jenna Caler finished first at 65; and Leslie Eaton and Val Hansen, second at 69.

The women's pin winners were: Jean Templeton, 4-7 on the third; and Jenna Caler 35-4 on the 18th.

On Friday, July 7, in women's play, Jean Templeton and Sara Wilds, as well as Shirley Caler and Peggy Wolley finished tied at 30; and Jenna Caler and Barb Peaslee, third at 33.

On Wednesday, July 5, in a scotch foursome, Peter Hodgkins and Sue Hodgkins finished first gross 38; Slim Peaslee and Barb Peaslee, first net 30; Fred Rich and Jenna Caler, as well as John Fleming and Janet White, tied for second net 32; and Dan Eaton and Leslie Eaton, as well as Ken Gordon and Sue Gordon, and Terry Whitney and Roxie Whitney, tied for fourth net 33.

On Tuesday, July 4, in a flag tournament, the top finishers were: 1, Don Pendergast; 2, Sue Gordon; 3, Cecil Eastman; 4, Ken Gordon; 5, Larry Quinn; 6, Jamie Place; 7, Dan Eaton; 8, Tim Riley; 9,Terry Whitney; 10, Jake Thompson; 11, Sue Hodgkins; 12, Alex Carroll; and 13, Chad Place.

The pin winners were: Terry Whitney, 8-1 on the third; Larry Quinn, 31-3 on the ninth and 29-10 on the 18th; and Jamie Place, 13-4 on the 12th.

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