Midcoast animation company O’Chang Studio has launched a crowd-funding campaign to create the first “evah” full-length animated feature film by Mainers and for Mainers.

Over the past five years, O’Chang’s web series “Temp Tales” has become a viral hit across the state, racking up nearly 3 million views of its animated “documentaries” about life and labor on an island in Maine. Now the duo behind the cartoons, Hanji and Atom O’Chang, are ready to begin production on their first full-length “Temp Tales” movie, “The One Strain to Rule Them All.”

Support from fans is needed to get things, yes, rolling. As “Temp Tales” star and former Maine gubernatorial candidate Green Bud Kelly puts it, “Five dollahs, 10 dollahs, 20 dollahs, whatevah!”

Based on island lore, “The One Strain to Rule Them All” begins in ancient times (well, 1974) when a great hippy wizard on a distant island creates a magical strain of super bud with the power to bring peace and common decency to the land (or so the old stoner hippy believes). But with the recent legalization of pot comes a powerful dark force from away, threatening to steal the glorious strain and destroy a way of life that has sustained island folk for generations. But not if Green Bud Kelly and his rowdy band of ne'er-do-wells have anything to say about it.

Through the end of the year, and a bit into 2018, “Temp Tales” fans have the opportunity to pledge their support for the film via the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. With each level of donation, contributors can earn rewards, from T-shirts and DVDs to invitations to VIP screening parties and even being a character in the movie. There is a sneak preview on YouTube (see link below). For more information, email ochangcomic@gmail.com or call 542-4728.

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