Swanville artist David Hurley, who has taken to calling himself the Van Gogh of Vegetables, has completed a new mural for the United Farmers Market building.

This latest creation features a 24-foot pea pod with two large peas rolling across the west facade of the building between Spring and Miller streets. A third pea is being carried away by Hurley’s signature bunny, which first appeared on his giant red leaf lettuce mural on the opposite of the building.

Building owner Paul Naron noted he is running out of walls so “I might have to put him to work on my ceiling." Hurley suggested the giant hand of Adam reaching for a big piece of brie is a definite possibility.

“Not only is Hurley constantly breaking new ground with these giant vegetable murals, they are epicurean in their stature,” said the former WERU art critic known as Arthur Brieman, adding the work makes him “want to go to an art opening where I can peruse innovative varieties of local and imported Brie, always served at room temperature."

Hurley said he is already thinking of a mural for the south-facing side of the United Farmers Market building.