Everything you ever wanted to know about how and why “compost happens” will be the topic of a talk at Belfast Free Library, 106 High St., Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 2 p.m. University of Maine Extension Professor Mark Hutchinson will give the free public program in Belfast Garden Club’s daytime program series.

Many people compost in their backyard but don’t really understand the biological principles of composting. This can result in using the wrong structures and other common mistakes. Hutchinson will help you understand what’s happening as compost breaks down, and he’ll give tips on how to use it in your gardens. He’ll even bust a few compost myths.

Hutchinson’s education and research programs focus on soil health, compost processes, and animal mortality management. He is a member of the Maine Compost Team, a USDA Sustainable Agriculture fellow, and a certified crop adviser. He is involved in numerous research projects funded through Organic Research and Extension Initiative funds.

Belfast Garden Club’s 2017-18 daytime programs are held in the library’s ground-floor Abbott Room. The club holds business meetings the same days at 1 p.m. and the public is invited to attend those as well.

For more information, visit belfastgardenclub.org, Facebook, or contact club president Bonnie Irwin at 703-9057 or bonnie.m.irwin@gmail.com.