The Aquarian gift shop at 139 Searsport Ave. is taking donations of gently used, like-new condition treasures and school supplies as well as cash donations through its Spiritual Warrior's charity program for children of families in need of a helping hand.

Items being accepted for resale include New Age books, inspirational, gardening and self-help books, children's books, gifts, accessories, jewelry and some home décor, according to The Aquarian owner Jen Wenz.

Just before Christmas, Wenz stopped by Searsport Elementary School with the intention of paying off overdue lunch accounts. She was "astounded" to discover the school's past-due balance was more than $6,000.

"Well, I guess you're going to have to get used to seeing me in the future, so can I start today with a check for $100?" Wenz recalled asking school staff that day.

Wenz said the special sale items will help fund purchases of school breakfast and lunch, new school supplies, warm winter coats, hats, scarves and mittens.

"All the necessary items a child needs to attend school," she said.

What she discovered points to a larger problem, Wenz said. People often "pay it forward" for adults but typically not for children.

"Our goal is to see that no child goes without, no matter the circumstances. There is a great sense of accomplishment you feel in your heart knowing you did something to help people in your community," she said.