A woman charged in the 2017 stabbing death of a Belmont man is expected to go before a jury in April. When she does, the state may try to paint a picture of someone for whom stabbing was not a last resort.

Victoria Scott of Rockport is charged with manslaughter in the death of Edwin Littlefield of Belmont, who was found stabbed to death outside the home of a friend in Waldo Feb. 8, 2017.

Court records indicate that Scott's court-appointed attorney, Steven Peterson, has motioned to block the state from using testimony from two people the state alleges were stabbed by Scott in prior incidents.

The first occurred four or five years ago, according to a written motion filed by Peterson after a meeting with the state's counsel. As Peterson describes it, Scott and her sister had been arguing when her sister's boyfriend got involved. He allegedly grabbed Scott by the throat, lifted her off the ground and held her in that position for "up to a minute," at which point Scott stabbed him under the shoulder.

Peterson's motion also seeks to exclude testimony from an ex-boyfriend claiming that Scott, "relative to rumors around Waldo County … had stabbed him because she was upset that he had been unfaithful." The ex-boyfriend, who is in federal prison "for the foreseeable future," did not cooperate with the state's detectives, according to court documents filed by the defense.

No charges were filed in either of the two alleged prior incidents.

The case is scheduled for jury selection April 3. Waldo County Unified Court has slated the trial for a full week in late April with Superior Court Justice Robert Murray presiding. Both Peterson and Assistant Attorney General Donald Macomber said they expect the case to go to trial.

Macomber said he doesn't know if, or to what extent, the state's case will be built around Scott's alleged prior acts. The defense's motion to block that testimony would be considered by Justice Murray at the time of the trial. Peterson described Scott's case as one of self-defense.

Scott is currently free on bail, with conditions that she not have contact with Littlefield's direct family and two other named parties, and that she not possess drugs or weapons, consume alcohol, drive or leave the state.

Those terms were revised last year to allow her to travel to Massachusetts for her work. A drug test by her pre-trial administrator Nov. 17 revealed that she had taken a non-prescribed opioid. She was taken into custody overnight then released under amended bail terms, which require her to wear an electronic monitoring device and remain within the state.