Waldo County eighth-graders competed in several fast-paced team-building exercises at Waldo County Technical Center Jan. 18 and 19.

Now in its third year, the "WCTC Amazing Race" is designed to introduce students to the 13 different programs available at the Tech Center while encouraging teamwork and listening skills.

Students were divided into teams and given instructions with each class they visited.

For example, in the computer career program class, one member of the team was blindfolded and given a remote control to maneuver a robot. The remaining team members offered instructions to guide the robot through an obstacle course. Teams earned points according to how well they performed.

Students also learned how to test compression on a small engine and how to wrap an injured arm in a sling, among other hands-on activities. In the culinary arts program class, they learned to identify spices and common household ingredients by sight and smell.

At the conclusion, points were tallied, winners were announced and students answered questions about their participation in the event.

Comments and observations from participants included:

"We enhanced our cooperation skills."

"We learned how to communicate better through the activities."

"Safety is most important and your team needs to work well together to get things done."

"It is important to have a leader who can direct."

This event was made possible thanks to a grant from the MELMAC Education Foundation.