Sarason David Liebler, a long-time resident of Liberty, died Jan. 22, 2018, of complications from Parkinson’s Disease. He was 81 years old.

A native of Rockaway Beach, N.Y., Sari attended the Merchant Marine Academy before entering the Naval Academy via NAPS with the class of 1961. Noted for his always sparkling shoeshines and his well-turned out appearance he was a varsity swimmer, dingy sailor and a member of the 7th Company. Commissioned in the Supply Corps he served on two ships and was the flag lieutenant to the commander of the Naval Supply Center, Bayonne, N.J., before resigning his commission.

He began his civilian career in the business consulting practice of Touch Ross before launching his own very successful consulting career. Throughout this career he played an active role in the foundation and success of companies in fields as far ranging as digital recording, biotechnology, animal husbandry and sporting goods.

A true renaissance man, Sari was an award-winning columnist with his popular “Plain Finish, No Varnish” column in The Republican Journal and other papers throughout Maine. He served as chairman of the Planning Board for the town of Liberty and was the “Damn Master” of Lake St. George in Liberty where he managed the lake levels with the precision imbued in him by Annapolis. He was also a licensed lobsterman.

Sari was frequently known to offer his opinion, with great certainty, on a wide array of subjects. An avid gentlemen farmer, he was as much at home on his aged Ford tractor or in the kitchen as he was in the board room. Certainly, he held to the motto, “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right.”

He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Jane Platt Liebler; son Eric (Nicole) of Lebanon, N.J.; daughter Elizabeth (Brian Sullivan) of Appleton; and four grandchildren: Ian, Isabella, Viola and Gideon.

A celebration of his life will be held this summer in Liberty.