It feels good doesn’t it? The Patriots are back where they belong — at least for the past 17 years.

There is a happiness when you talk to people out and about, and even though it’s snowy, cold and spring is a little less than two months away, knowing another Super Bowl title is in our grasps as fans, nothing can dampen the mood.

Of course, we can’t get cocky. Or can we?

Remember last year? I know, how can any New England fan forget, but when the Patriots were down 28-3 to the Atlanta Falcons with minutes to play in the third quarter, all hope seemed to be lost.

I’ll be honest, I had given up hope, but my wife kept telling me not to give up faith. Of course, she was right, yet again, just like all wives are, and Tom Brady led the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

Watch video below.

That was last year though, and this year things are different. There won’t be a Julian Edelman to make a remarkable catch to keep a drive alive and Rob Gronkowski only recently was activated from concussion protocol with only a couple days to spare.

Now we know Gronk will play Sunday night, and kind of knew that considering he had been on the practice field.

But this year just feels different. To me, it feels like Tom Brady and Bill Belichick leading a bunch of nobodies to the top of the football world. Oh wait, that’s because that is what’s happening, and as long as Brady and Belichick are on the field the domination will continue, and I expect another Super Bowl victory Sunday.

Here are a couple statistics, courtesy of, as to why I believe another victory is imminent:

The Patriots outnumber the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl experience just over five-to-one. The Patriots’ roster has 32 players with Super Bowl experience. That’s more than half the roster. On the other side, the Eagles have six players with Super Bowl experience.

Ask the Jacksonville Jaguars defense and quarterback Blake Bortles about experience when the game matters.

Now, take that pressure and crank it up a couple notches. The edge goes to New England here easily.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have eight Super Bowl appearances, which is the most all-time. Not much here to say except they know how to get here and get it done. Plus, Belichick is a mastermind at making second-half adjustments — defensive coordinator Matt Patricia is no slouch either, considering he will be a head coach next season (as will offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels).

Belichick has appeared in 21.2 percent of all Super Bowls. His total number of appearances is at 11, with eight coming as the Patriots head coach. I wouldn’t want another person calling the shots. It’s basically just another game for Belichick.

Now, put the cockiness aside and let’s take a look at the Eagles’ side of things:

Philly has the third-ranked scoring offense and fourth-ranked scoring defense in the National Football League. Eagles’ quarterback Nick Foles had a heck of an NFC championship game against the Minnesota Vikings — who also had a top-10 total defense going into that contest — passing for 352 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Now can Foles do that again against the Patriots’ third-ranked total defense? We will find out.

Not to mention the Eagles have lost key pieces to season-ending injuries and have not missed a beat.

On the defensive side for the Eagles, the NFC champion has not allowed more than 10 points since Week 15 of the regular season. Since that time, Philly has hunkered down and played great, giving up 8.25 points per game.

Now, that average should have an asterisk next to it, because all those games have been played at home. Philadelphia hasn’t left the confides of its home stadium in more than a month.

In the eight games the Eagles have traveled this year, their season points-per-game average skyrockets to 23.5 ppg. In six of those contests the defense allowed 23 or more points. Those aren’t very good road numbers.

You don’t have to factor in weather Sunday night, since the game will be played in a dome.

I believe the Patriots will win Sunday, but even if they don’t I’ll be happy for Philly — and my co-worker Mark Haskell — winning its first Super Bowl.

No matter what happens Sunday, we will continue to witness history, and let’s forget to soak it up for however long we have left until the “Killer Bs” retire.

Prediction: New England 24-17.