Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten registration is now open for the 2017-2018 school year in Regional School Unit 71.

Anyone with a child who will turn 4 on or before Oct. 15 should register the youngster for pre-K, while anyone with a child who will turn 5 on or before Oct. 15, should register for kindergarten.

Following is information on where to call for each area:

For children living in the Capt. Albert Stevens School area, call Kay Jenness or Donna Parks, 338-3510, ext. 343/344 (kindergarten registration only).

For children living in the East Belfast School area, call Ruth Gale at 338-4420 (kindergarten registration only).

For children who will attend the Gladys Weymouth School living in the towns of Belmont, Morrill and Searsmont, call Kay Dodd at 342-5200 or 342-5300 (for pre-K and kindergarten).

For children living in the Kermit Nickerson School area, Swanville, call Leslie Simmons at 338-1858 (pre-K and kindergarten).

Also contact Leslie Simmons, 338-1858, for pre-K registration for Belfast and East Belfast.