Law enforcement officials with Searsport Police Department reported the following recent activity:

Jan. 27

Wayne Stanhope, 40, of Searsport, arrested for domestic violence assault.

David Connors, 58, of Searsport, dogs roaming at large.

According to police, a pair of American bulldogs owned by Connors attacked a third American bulldog that was tied to a lead outside a home roughly a quarter-mile from Connors' residence on Heritage Drive. The owner of the third dog allegedly called 911, then attempted to separate the animals and was bitten on the upper arm. Police say all three dogs were licensed and current with vaccinations. The attacking dogs were quarantined and will be kept by police until mid-February when a hearing will be held to determine whether they should be returned to Connors.

Jan. 24

Jeremy Troufant, 34, of Portland, following too close.

According to police, Troufant tailgated, then attempted to pass, a police cruiser.

Jan. 21

Donna M. McAllister, 64, of Deer Isle, alleged speed 47 mph in a 25 mph zone, West Main Street.

Jan. 14

David Connors, 58, of Searsport, dogs roaming at large.

This charge and an identical charge on Jan. 27 involved the same two dogs but in separate incidents, according to police.

Dec. 28

Kenneth Neild, 25, of Searsport, theft by unauthorized taking or transfer (class C felony).

Neild allegedly took a wallet from a counter at Tozier's Family Market. According to police, prior theft convictions elevated the charge to a felony.

Readers are reminded that an arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.