A barn on Lebanon Road was badly damaged by fire Feb. 8, apparently the result of a wood stove left unattended.

Timothy Canham, who owns the barn and adjacent home with Linda Canham, said he was using the building as a warming station during rounds of plowing and had just put some sticks into the wood stove inside.

"I went in for a cup of coffee," he said. "Came out and the barn was full of smoke."

When firefighters arrived from Winterport, Frankfort and West Frankfort, the building was "fully involved," he said, using the firefighter's term for a widespread blaze engulfing the structure.

Firefighters extinguished the burning barn in short order, but the building, which Canham said was insured, was left with a gaping hole in the roof. Canham said there were tools and some pieces of furniture in the barn.

"At least it wasn't during the blizzard," he said.

Linda Canham, who was at a yoga class when the fire started, also saw the situation as one that could have been worse.

"At least it was in the daytime," she said.