Midcoast Maine Holistic Health Event Center at the Belfast Breeze Inn is seeking a team of three to four "culinary volunteers" to assist its cooking class instructors with the set-up and delivery of each class.

Each of the center's 30-plus cooking classes will have one or two volunteer assistants who will have the benefit of being in the class without paying a fee — exchanging their time for the class experience. This model has worked for decades at The Garlic Press, a Midwest gourmet food shop with popular cooking classes.

You'll qualify to be a volunteer if …

You are a friendly gal or guy

You are someone who loves to cook

You know your way around the kitchen

You have good knife skills

You can follow directions/recipes

You will let the instructor be the instructor

You don't mind helping with clean-up

Duties could include setting up for the class, helping the instructor prep foods as needed, greeting class members, helping them settle in (coats on rack, wash hands, put on aprons), portion/plating cooked foods for tasting, and helping to clear dishes or pots and pans to keep class flowing so the instructor can instruct.

Classes are three hours long and are varied in theme/topic and instructors. Some are held during lunch time and some are in the evening. And, of course, volunteers get to taste, nibble and dine with the class members and instructor.

Interested in grabbing an apron and having some fun with Amy, Jane and Kate during their cooking classes? To view topics and get more information, visit https://healthycooking.bpt.me/ for the complete schedule and listing. Volunteers also receive a 10-percent discount on other events/classes at the event center.

To apply, email info@BelfastBreezeInn.com with name, phone and email address, and indicate availability: daytime, evening, or both. There will be a meeting of volunteers in March to determine the seasonal volunteer schedule.