A car rear-ended a fully loaded logging truck hauling hardwood Tuesday morning as the truck slowly made its way uphill on Fort Knox Road. The crash occurred about 10:45 a.m.

A 2017 Ford Focus driven by Sabrina Turner, 27, of Prospect, sustained substantial damage in the crash. The passenger side door was ripped off and pieces were strewn across the road. Part of the fender could be seen attached to the logging truck bumper.

Turner, who was visibly shaken, said the truck appeared to be stopped and she tried to avoid hitting it at the last minute.

Nine weeks pregnant, Turner was checked out by the Stockton Springs-Prospect Ambulance and released. There were no passengers and airbags did not deploy.

The truck driver, Hartland F. Gamble Sr., 60, of Prospect, was not injured and the truck did not appear to have any damage except for the addition of a fender wrapped around its bumper.

According to the Waldo County Sheriff's office, no charges have been filed at this time.