Feb. 16, 1837

An Apprentice Wanted: Wanted to work at the sail making business, a steady rugged boy from 14 to 16 years of age. One from the country would be preferred. C.F. Barns, Belfast.

Feb. 20, 1846

The severest storm that occurred at the westward this winter was experienced last Sunday. The wind blew violently, and in Boston the snow was a foot or more deep.

The first steamboat that runs this route the ensuing season, will be the Portland, Capt. Rogers. She will leave Frankfort, connecting with the railroad at Portland, on the 5th of March, and make weekly trips, leaving Frankfort Monday morning, and Boston Thursday afternoon.

Feb. 20, 1852

The Waldo Agricultural Society. Held their annual meeting for the election of Officers at the Court House in Belfast on Thursday the 12th day of February 1852 at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, and the following were unanimously chosen: William G. Sibley, of Freedom, president; David Norton, of Montville, vice president; Samuel Bullen, of Waldo, 2nd vice president; Isaac Allard, of Belfast, secretary; Wm. T. Colburn, of Belfast, treasurer. Chose Noble Frye of Montville, Josiah Staples of Swanville and Samuel S. Keagan of Prospect, a committee to procure a Lecturer to address the Society at the next Fair.

The Belfast Lyceum. The 12th lecture of the course will be delivered at City Hall on Thursday evening, Feb. 19th, by Rev. Joseph Ricker of Belfast. Doors open at 7, to commence at 7 ½ o’clock.

A Card. Mrs. Holt would like to take this mode of thanking numerous citizens of Belfast for their generous ministration to her wants and necessities. The kindness in rendering to her material aid which will prevent the suffering of herself and her children during this inclement season will not be soon forgotten.

Feb. 15, 1867

The great body of snow which covered the ground last week has in large part disappeared. The heavy rain of Saturday night and Sunday melted it away, leaving a large quantity of water in the roads. Traveling was rendered impossible, and now that the roads have frozen, is still rough and hard.

A young son of Capt. B. Smalley, of this city, broke his arm on Monday last, by falling from a fence.

Mr. S.A. Moulton, of this city, was struck with paralysis while in his store, Monday noon. He was taken to his boarding house at Mr. Fields, where he lies in a helpless condition.

Some of the smelt catchers from Winterport, finding the fish scarce in that region, are trying their fortunes in our harbor. We can’t say just what their net gains are.

H.O. Taber has been appointed postmaster at Belmont, in place of G. Alexander, resigned.