The parents accused of the depraved indifference murder of a 10-year-old Stockton Springs girl had been beating her for months, according to an affidavit filed in Waldo County District Court.

Julio and Sharon Carrillo admitted to police Feb. 26 they forced the child, Marissa Kennedy, for months to kneel on the tile floor in the kitchen with her arms raised as both adults used their hands and a belt to whip her repeatedly. The abuse began in October 2017, Julio Carrillo, 51, told police. He said the beatings took place multiple times a day but said he stopped Feb. 22 or 23 when Marissa could no longer walk or speak without slurred speech.

Julio Carrillo said he believes Sharon Carrillo, 33, "had at least one more punishment session in which she beat and whipped" Marissa because the adults believed Marissa was pretending she could not walk or speak clearly, the affidavit states.

Sharon Carrillo told police during an interview Marissa had a history of hurting herself by pulling her hair and pinching herself.

Julio Carrillo is the girl's stepfather and was in the process of trying to adopt her, according to court documents. Sharon Carrillo is Marissa's mother.

"Sharon Carrillo said that she believed that Marissa Kennedy was badly injured and in need of medical help but chose not to get her help because she believed that she and Julio Carrillo would get in trouble if anyone saw what they had done to Marissa," the affidavit states.

The Carrillos decided, on Saturday, Feb. 24, to stage the scene so it appeared Marissa had injured herself. Sunday morning, Feb. 25, they took her to the basement and  knocked over chairs. According to the affidavit, they then carried her unresponsive body upstairs and placed her in a chair. Approximately three hours later, they called 911 to report Marissa needed medical help.

Sharon Carillo also told police they forced Marissa to stay shut inside a small closet for extended periods as a way to punish her. She said Marissa screamed the entire time she was being beaten or while locked in the closet.

The affidavit reveals there had been multiple calls to three different law enforcement agencies reporting domestic violence between Julio and Sharon Carrillo. Neighbors told police "there is always fighting coming from the apartment" but said it had been quiet the day Marissa's body was discovered.

The family had been staying at 7 Harbor View Drive, which is owned by Sharon Carrillo's parents, who live out of state.  There were two other children in the home, ages 1 and 2, and Maine Department of Health and Human Services took custody of them Sunday, police said.

An autopsy was conducted Monday by the State Medical Examiner's Office. The autopsy determined the death to be a homicide as a result of acute and chronic abuse. Marissa's body revealed recent subdural hematoma, a lacerated liver and multiple old injuries; the official cause of death is listed as battered child syndrome.

The Carrillos are being held at Waldo County Jail in Belfast and are expected to appear in court Wednesday.

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