Demand action

Another mass shooting, this time in Florida at a high school, leaves 17 children dead. Those of us who don’t own guns are exasperated on why those of you who do own guns aren’t demanding action. I am talking to those of you who claim that you are responsible gun owners, why aren’t you speaking up? Why aren’t you saying that the NRA doesn’t speak for you? Why aren’t you demanding that there be reasonable gun laws? Why aren’t you demanding something, anything, to stop or even just make it harder for people to buy those kinds of weapons that are used to go into a school, a church, a theater, a nightclub, a concert, and the list goes on and on and on, and massacre people? Why?

Did you hear the young survivors in Florida? They said that they are not going to let this happen again. They speak for millions of us! As more and more people are affected by these type of massacres, the demand for changes in gun laws will become deafening! The politicians will start listening or they will be voted out! And if you, responsible gun owners, don’t start speaking out, then you might find that the changes that do happen to the gun laws, you might not like. This isn’t a threat, it’s reality! We need you to become involved! I know there can be a compromise that both you and I, and the millions like me, can live with. Let’s work together on stopping this senseless slaughter in our country!

Neva Allen


Zombie drugs: The first trigger?

It's time for We the People to educate ourselves on the root cause of these horrific shootings: Where the violence is born before any guns are involved. Psychotropic drugs. (I've listed a couple links below to give you a start.)

These brain-destroying drugs are handed out helter-skelter by psychiatrists for the filmiest of reasons and with no definitive tests to back their diagnosis. But their bottom-line reason: making money. These mass shooters, almost to a person, were on those drugs.

I fear it will be totally up to us to make this information go viral, scream at all our reps from local to D.C., to let them know we know.

We cannot count on the D.C. politicians to take actions. Too many are "owned" by Big Pharma, from the mega campaign funding and insider trading tips on upcoming drugs, giving them fat multimillionaire stock portfolios. We are going to have to tip the scales of awareness and demands if we're going to save our kids, both those ruined by these drugs and those killed by those ruined by the drugs. Otherwise, these shootings will go on and may well, one day, involve our kids and grandkids.

About gun control: Virtually all of these mass shootings were in gun-free locations. Even as messed up as these shooters' brains are, self-preservation still registers. Chicago is a prime example of how gun control doesn't work, except for the criminals.

Chicago has the toughest gun control laws on the books, and ,at the same time, is known as the murder capital of the country. Gun control only keeps guns out of the hands of law abiding people. Expecting gun control laws to keep criminals from breaking the law is, on one hand, naive and on the other, disingenuous.

All mass public shootings in Florida have been in places where general citizens weren’t allowed to defend themselves, and since 1950, over 98 percent of mass public shootings in the U.S. have occurred in these gun-free zones.

For our schools, it isn't a question of no guns, but more guns — in the hands of people on the ground, or, more to the point, inside the schools, properly trained. The average length of these shooter rampages is three minutes. There is no one, other then people inside the school already, that can stop the killing. By the time "help" arrives, all they can do is assess the damage. By having armed school personnel inside and maybe an armed guard on the outside, along with (instead of a "Gun-Free Zone" sign) a sign saying "Protected by Armed Guards."

Then nationally, We the People, particularly parents, need to back up the medical profession, which has been sounding the alarm on these Zombie Drugs, aka psychotropic drugs, passed out like gumdrops to anyone for the slimmest of reasons, by the psychiatrists, particularity to young people. To double down on this from the mental health aspect by turning to these legal drug pushers for more help is throwing gas on the fire.

These psychotropic drugs scramble brains. The list of horrific side effect are listed, by law, on the bottles. They include suicide and violence ideation. Almost every single one of these mass shooters was on these drugs. Aside from these mass shootings, we are losing thousands, especially young children, committing suicide, directly due to these drugs. What about their lives? They should count, too.

Should we not be cautious regarding the mental health component? Should we turn for help, not from the psychiatrists who would pass out even more of these brain-destroying drugs, but the medical professionals, including some psychiatrists who have warned, again and again, against these drugs?

And beware "solutions" that have a political agenda.

Get the facts: There's a plethora of articles and documents warning against these monster drugs, on YouTube. I'm just going to list a couple, three or four titles that are essential for people to educate themselves on. (There are dozens and dozens more videos of professionals and those affected, sounding the alarm for years, only to be ignored.)

For a short introduction, search: "Medicated to Death: SSRIs and Mass Killings."

For medical professionals, including some psychiatrists who have warned against these drugs: "Psychiatric Drugs — Increased Suicides & Violent Acts in America"

Another doctor, Dr. Scott, discusses what the drug companies know and what they're hoping you don't find out. Search: "Dangerous Antidepressant Side Effects Drug Companies Don't Want You to Know About!"

For those who really want to know about the root cause, and how it all came to be,  the "First Trigger," and most important, how not just the innocent school kids are being killed, but the thousands of other kids being destroyed and what we are up against, there's this in-depth documentary: "The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging — Making a Killing."

It's time to call a halt. I wonder if a three-pronged program of attack wouldn't start to end these shootings, as well as saving thousands of young people now that no one talks about, those ruined/killed, on these monster drugs.

1: Ban these drugs. Many drugs have been taken off the market that are far less dangerous.

2: Harden the schools with inside, trained, armed personnel and 'WARNING: Gun protection at this site" signs.

3. Ban gun control. Uphold the Second Amendment. It's our defense against "enemies domestic."

We stand together or we fall apart.

Marion Tucker-Honeycutt


Protect the Second Amendment

Just a few thoughts after the school shooting. Today, Feb. 20, over 200 people, mostly children, were brutally killed in Ghouta, Syria, by their own government. It is incidents such as this that reinforce my views on the necessity of preserving and protecting at any cost the Second Amendment to our Constitution.

Do we need to strengthen background checks? Yes. But more importantly, we need to change the laws with regards to medical privacy. People who have mental issues, must not be allowed to own or purchase firearms. Their medical records must be made available to those departments which perform background checks. Further, the views of high school students, even with the best of intentions, should not be seriously considered when discussing changes to our Constitution or our gun laws.

Leo Mazerall

Stockton Springs

'Never Again'

Dear Senator/Representative:

On Oct. 31, 2008, a gunman entered Stockton Springs Elementary School, whose students I worked with. Mercifully, no one was physically injured, though the toll on that fifth-grade class he held hostage, and the fourth-grade class hiding in a closet in the next room and their families has been longstanding ever since.

Just this week I met a middle school student, only a toddler at that time, whose mother told me the student is still traumatized by the shootings since, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and by the lockdown drills we practice “in the event of” now.

Feeling safe in school is no longer a given for students or staff, no matter how many drills we do or how far away the latest school shooting has occurred.

I have grandchildren now of my own whose safety in school is no longer a given.

Access to guns, particularly assault weapons, is easier than anyone of us might think.

I am a psychologist dealing with the mental health of many different kinds of people and many different ages. Having a mental health diagnosis is not a guarantee of deviant behavior, but having access to guns ups the ante that someone “not in their right mind” can create the tragedies we now confront so regularly.

It's time for Congress to take a stand to limit access to assault weapons and create a system of background checks that keep these guns out of the hands of those who truly should not have them.

This is not a Second Amendment issue. It is not about the right to bear arms. It's about keeping our children safe as much as it is possible to do.

I urge you to look into the eyes of the survivors — parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, classmates and school staff and enact legislation to stop this carnage, so that “Never Again” is truly a reality.

Jane Eagles


The kids will save us!

I knew it!

I've been hanging my hopes for years on our next, smarter generation to vote wisely and that they will become themselves, our best leaders and thinking politicians.

I am so proud of the nation's youth in their reaction to the recent school shootings in Florida!


If adults and Congress aren't going to do a thing toward amending the constitutional Bill of Rights on guns, the kids are sure stepping in. The “right to bear arms” description must have real and definite detailed revisions. Everyone should look up that amendment and see how it's written.

We citizens do not need, and should not be able to buy, own, or keep, lethal killing weapons meant for war purposes. Even the kids see that it's crazy to have guns of war available for casual use in our country.

The NRA will not continue to have such dangerous power and influence over our national systems if we simply change the Bill of Rights to read sensibly.

Then other solutions will follow.

Go kids!

A helpless, weak adult,

Dianne M. Kischitz


Hannaford deserves competition

I’m sure I’m not the only one in Belfast and the surrounding communities that have experienced stocking issues at Hannaford’s. It seems to me that one gets used to buying a certain product at Hannaford’s only to go to the store one day and find they no longer stock this product.

They ask when checking out if you found everything. When the answer is no, they ask that you stop at the service counter and let them know. Yesterday I stopped at the service counter again when two of the items I wished to purchase could not be found. I was asked if there was a hole. No hole for either. They said maybe the product has been discontinued. I assured them the product was still available from the company. I was then told that maybe their distributor, which I believe is Hannaford, has discontinued the product.

I know in the past there was a certain cereal they brought in and stocked the shelves on Monday and Thursdays. That cereal was gone Tuesday and Friday evenings. They dropped that cereal because they were no sales on Wednesday, Saturday or Sundays.   Kind of hard to sell something when you don’t bring in enough stock to keep product on the shelves for the entire week and then use the excuse “We don’t sell enough.”

We as consumers are being pushed to buy products we don’t want and here in Belfast we basically have but one choice. I guess we have but one choice in more ways than one. One product to buy instead of a couple and one store to buy them from instead of at least two.

I do hope another grocery store decides that Belfast is growing and they see a potential in this area and buy or build a new store. Hannaford’s deserves some good old-fashioned competition.

Andrew McClure

Lease; don't sell

Belfast Mayor Samantha Paradis, Erik Heim of Nordic Aquaculture and the citizens of Belfast and Northport who were at the Hutchinson Center the evening of Feb. 21 are to be commended for participating in an informative and civil meeting. A land-based salmon farm is an interesting proposal and a potentially welcome industry for our area.

Amongst the items discussed was the three- to four-year time table for the multiple sequential and parallel steps that will have to be taken before such a project could become a reality.

Two of the most important first steps, however, are to be taken within the next few months, and warrant immediate attention. These are the necessary zoning changes and finalization of the land sale agreements among the Belfast Water District, the city of Belfast and Nordic Aquaculture Inc.

Businesses and industries come and go. Shipbuilding, poultry processing and MBNA are now just part of Belfast's history. Someday that may also be true of a salmon farm.

Therefore, we think it would be a major mistake to sell to Nordic Aquaculture Inc. the small strip of land that borders the northern side of the Little River between U.S. Route 1 and the parking lot at the trailhead of the hiking trail, including the iconic building that now serves as the water district office. We would have no objection if the city leased the building and provided any necessary land easements; but, if the land is sold, we envision that a day will come when our community will regret having lost this property.

We urge like-minded citizens to contact and insist the City Council and the Planning Board of Belfast ensure this small publicly admired and frequently used strip of land not be sold to any private person or business.

Sidney Block

Martha Block


Time to move on

It has been a true honor and pleasure to serve the people of Searsport as one of your selectmen for the past 12 years. It was difficult to decide not to run for re-election, but my increasing duties to my young family had to take precedence, and after all this time it felt like the right time to move on to new things and make room for other people to serve.

I have been asked around town about who I support on Election Day this coming Tuesday, March 6. We have a good slate of candidates but I have decided to endorse Doug Norman for re-election and Arthur (“A.J.”) Koch Jr. for election and will be casting my two votes for these individuals.

I have worked with Doug for most of my time on the board and have found him to be a dedicated public servant. His personal and family ties to the town and knowledge of its history and people has been a great asset to the board. In short, he has been a fantastic selectman for us for the past several years and I think we are fortunate that he is willing to continue to serve the town. Besides, my children seem to like him and they have always been good judges of character.

I have also come to know and respect A.J. Koch (as he is known in town) over my time on the board and on various committees. A.J. also has longstanding ties here in town and is committed and dedicated to its service. A.J. and I are similar in age and I think that, during my time as selectman, having a younger person (I was just 26 when first elected) on the Board of Selectmen has been an advantage to the people they represent. He will serve the town well.

As my time as a selectman comes to a close at this year’s town meeting on Saturday, March 10 (at Union Hall this year), I reflect on and am grateful for the opportunity to serve you and our great town. I leave confident knowing I will be replaced by dedicated individuals who will continue doing good work for our town. Please vote for Doug Norman and Arthur Koch Jr. on Tuesday, March 6, in Searsport.

Aaron Fethke


Whoopla thanks

The Belfast Area Chamber would love to thank the many people, businesses and organizations that made the first Winter Whoopla so much fun! Our major weekend sponsor was Bangor Savings Bank and our event sponsors were Smart DataMap Services and Damariscotta Bank & Trust; our Colonial Theatre free movie sponsors were Colburn Shoe and Side Country Sports; our Crosby Center music sponsor was Airwaves; our Warming Station sponsors were Allen Insurance & Financial, the Co-Op, Our Town Belfast and Camden National Bank; and thanks to our friends at Atlantic Insurance!

So many were involved in the events themselves including the Waldo YMCA, Cornerspring Montessori School, Side Country Sports, Kids Unplugged, the Crosby Center, the Colonial Theatre, Front Street Pub, Journey to Health at Waldo County General Hospital, The Game Loft, North Star Adventures, Mid Coast Public Transportation​,​ Waterfall Arts for letting us use their yard, Coastal Mountains Land Trust and Belfast Bay Watershed Coalition.

And special high-energy thanks go out to the Wentworth Event Center, and Belfast Parks & Rec Department!  Norm Poirier, you’re amazing!

Steve Ryan, Executive Director

Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce

Exactly what we needed

Dear Residents of Lincolnville, Members of the Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee,

Thank you for working with and supporting the Lincolnville Sewer District. We appreciate your willingness to hear our request and to review all the materials we supplied to you.

Unanimous support from both the Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee last month and then the strong turnout of residents this month is exactly what we needed to move this project forward. Thank you for coming together to support improving water quality at and around the beach.

We look forward to sharing design and construction timelines as they become available. The trustees will continue to meet on Tuesday evenings at 6:15 p.m. at the LIA Building on Beach Road. We will communicate meeting notices through email, the local papers, and on the Lincolnville Bulletin Board. We welcome your participation.

Again, thank you!

Paul Lippmann, Chairman

Niel Wienges, Trustee

Jennifer Temple, Trustee

Steadfast commitment

I am voting for Jonathan Fulford for Congress because I trust his integrity. Jonathan's values are rooted in the soil of Maine. As a carpenter and farmer, he understands the economic needs of Maine people. His positions on renewable energy, school funding and job security are sensible.

Jonathan's commitment to public office is steadfast. He went door-to-door in Waldo County during his prior campaigns. His listening skills and empathy are qualities we hope for in our leaders. Jonathan has talked deeply about his vision of the future and his desire to create a better world for our children and grandchildren.

It is not often that I find a politician so down-to-earth and approachable. I have been impressed by Jonathan's kindness and deep caring for our citizens. He has my vote.

Lynne Kaplowitz