Belfast Police on their Facebook page shared a new scam reported to officers Feb. 28.

According to the department's post, an elderly couple came to the station to report they had been contacted by the "Municipal Court of Bangor" and the caller said their granddaughter had been in an accident. Following the accident, the caller said, the granddaughter was arrested and taken to jail.

The caller advised the couple to go to Walmart, purchase $4,000 in gift cards and meet an alleged "officer of the court" to turn over the gift cards to release the granddaughter from jail. The caller warned the couple not to tell anyone because there was a gag order in place.

Police ask anyone who receives a similar call to report it to local law enforcement.

"They can sound as professional as can be, but I can assure you they are not the police, court, IRS, etc.," Belfast Police wrote. "Folks, please share this with any that you can, elderly or not. I can assure you that NO police department, court system, IRS or other OFFICIAL AGENCY will EVER ask you to send us gift cards."