A 15-year-old Searsport District High School student who was arrested in December in connection with a threatening email sent to the school was granted a lesser charge.

The case has been handled out of court, where an initial felony charge of terrorizing was reduced to an undisclosed misdemeanor, according to Lindsay Dean, juvenile prosecutor for the Waldo County District Attorney's Office.

Dean declined to give any additional information, including whether the juvenile is in custody and if the case is open or closed, citing statutory limitations.

"His case would have been open when it was a felony," she said, "but it's not anymore, so it's not (open). It was resolved as a misdemeanor."

The male student turned himself into police Dec. 8 after learning that he was being sought in connection with a threatening email sent to a Searsport District High School staff member that morning. The school was placed in "lockout" protocol until he was detained.

The student was arrested and charged with criminal threatening and terrorizing, according to Searsport Police Chief Dick LaHaye, speaking at the time. Dean said there was only one felony terrorizing charge at the time that it was reduced to a misdemeanor.