The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 2 and March 8.


John W. Lennon to Roger Wayne Jellison Living Trust and Ann L. Petroski.

Kaylyn Thornal to Pacific Invested LLC.

Wheelock Properties LLC to Paula Wheelock and James L. Wheelock.

John G. Boynton to Shannon Eileen Weyers and Jonathan Christopher Weyers.


Philip Shay Cook and Candy Gail Cook to Kelly Cook Walsh and Jarrod Cook.


Linda L. Hunt to Haakon A. Kallweit and Tara A. Pomeroy-Kallweit.


Jane M. Worster and Jane M. Parker to Jane M. Worster.


Harold G. Willey Estate to Kenneth W. Senior Trust.


Town of Knox to Michael Dean Bailey.

Lesley R. Kristeller to Lesley R. Kristeller and Pamela B. Whitt.


Salt Pond Group LP to Catherine A. Lippman and Paul E. Lippman.


Sandra Porter and Shawn Porter to Heather Lynn Roberts.


Joel Davis and Erica Davis to Michael Baca and Hannah Baca.


Terrance T. Molnar to Suzanne L. Molnar.

Stuart G. Smith to Tierney Family Trust.


Linnehan Acceptance to Broughman Builders Inc.

Jack H. Ambrose and John H. Ambrose Jr. to John H. Ambrose Jr. Living Trust.

Earl S. Hopkins and Barbara J. Hopkins to Barbara J. Hopkins Trust Agreement of 2004.


Marjorie R. Knuuti to Knuuti Family Irrevocable Trust.

Stockton Springs

John A. Bradford and Marjorie J. Bradford to Bernadette C. Tilton 1994 Revocable Trust.

Anne Peri Tobin and Anne P. Thompson to Anne P. Thompson Living Trust.


Jeannette M. Littlefield, Heinz-Elbert Lear and Jeannette M. Lear to Jeannette M. Lear and Heinz-Elbert Lear.

Philip Shay Cook and Candy Gail to Kelly Cook Walsh and Jarrod Cook.

Nancy F. Baxter and William A. Baxter to Nancy F. Baxter Living Trust and William A. Baxter Living Trust.

Laurie Donnell and Laurie Anderson to John Ellis and Pamela Ellis.


Daniel Hubbard, Daniel M. Hubbard and Constance L. Hubbard to Constance L. Hubbard and Daniel M. Hubbard.


Frank S. Foley, James Foley, Philip Foley and Patrick Foley to Harry J. Gillway.