Waldo County Sheriff's Office reported the following recent activity:

March 2

Sheriff's deputies responded to two early morning crashes involving black ice:

Courtney M. Doyon, 25, of Winterport, was driving north on Lebanon Road in Winterport roughly a quarter-mile south of Lebanon Road when her vehicle hit a patch of black ice and crossed the centerline. According to the police report, Doyon was able to steer the car back the other direction but lost control again and went off the shoulder on the right side of the road. The car rolled onto the driver's door and had to be towed. Doyon was not injured.

Michael Trask of Winterport was driving north on N. Main Street in Winterport roughly 400 feet north of Upper Oak Point Road when he hit a patch of black ice. His vehicle went across the center line, off the opposite side of the road, and into a group of small trees. The vehicle had to be towed. Trask was not injured.

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