A Belfast man allegedly committed a stack of highway no-nos when he was caught texting and driving with an infant in the car and was later determined to be intoxicated on something other than alcohol.

Jonathan Crowe, 35, was arrested Feb. 27 after police responded to multiple calls about an erratic driver headed north on Route 1 in Northport.

Belfast Police Officer Jonathan Guba said he crossed paths with Crowe's vehicle near the Irving gas station on Northport Avenue in Belfast. Crowe appeared to be looking at a phone in his hand, Guba said, and almost rear-ended another vehicle.

A state trooper, who also responded to the erratic driver calls, stopped Crowe and gave him a field sobriety test. He also discovered there was an infant in the vehicle. Police would not say whether the child is related to Crowe.

Guba said Crowe apparently forgot to put his vehicle in park before getting out for the sobriety test and had to get back in to stop the vehicle from rolling.

Police called in a drug recognition expert, who determined Crowe was on drugs. Guba declined to say what kind of drugs, but said tests ruled out alcohol.

Crowe was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, operating under the influence of drugs, driving to endanger and texting while operating. Belfast Police released the report of the incident sometime after March 13.