The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 8 and March 15.


David York and Lillian York Estate to Charles B. Easley.

Robert Sorrentino to Robert Sorrentino and Shirley Flanders Sorrentino.

Peter G. Keenan and Jeanne McPartland Keenan to Emily Kate Horton and Zachary Charles Schmesser.

Jessica L. Flood to Sonja Mona Syversen and Steinar Syversen.

Ocean East LLC to Broughman Builders Inc.

Linnehan Acceptance to Tracy A. Khoury.


Zachery G. Woods, Jenelle R. Woods and Zachary G. Woods to Kimberly Stark and Tory Stark.

Kimberly Stark and Tory Stark to James H. Tripp and Kristi L. Tripp.


Linda Stacey to Bruce Roderick.

Ronald R. Boivin Estate to Katie Demanche and Nicole Boivin.


Rodney E. Gray to Christine M. Gray.


Irene Emery Goodale Estate to Joseph Goodale, Thomas Goodale, Kate Dana Goodale and Nathanial Bowditch Emery.


Steven W. Rand and Patricia M. Rand to Steven G. Bourey and Susan A. Quimby.


John M. Bryant and Sherry L. Terrio.

Kelli W. Meade to Jessica Higgins Kelley and David Charles Kelley.

John M. Bryant to Sherry L. Terrio.

Kelli W. Meade to Jessica Higgins Kelley and David Charles Kelley.


Denis Wang to Alan Kelly-Hamm.

Margaret J. Seekins Estate to Jacinda O. Russ.

Eileen M. Maguire, Mary Gilligan, James F. Preskenis, Richard J. Preskenis and John M. Preskenis to Pamela Preskenis and Robert Preskenis.

Lester R. Weser and Nancy L. Weser to Robert W. Vermilyea.


Timothy Hashem to Juanity M. Buden and Dean W. Buden Sr.

Ruth Marie Bessel Estate to Richard Bessel Jr., Nancy Cook, Michael Bessel, Vickie Bessel and Cynthia Prusski.

Diane Marr Estate to Harold E. Marr III.


JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to United States of America – HUD.


David G. Leavitt and Paula A. Leavitt to Jacquelyn McKenney Ogden and Mark Wayne Ogden.


Mary E. Knox to Mary E. Knox Living Trust.


Lee A. Nussbaumer and Jenny L. Nussbaumer to Mary E. Herman and Neill Herman.

Bridgett O'Clair to Crystal Smith and Joshua Smith.