Swanville artist David Hurley adds a new mural to the wall of United Farmers Market, 18 Spring St., the last week of March. “Big Momma Chicken” is 11-by-14 feet.

Owner Paul Naron has transformed the former Matthew Brothers building into an innovative community event center and marketplace. Most of Hurley’s work since 2016 has been large murals on the exterior of buildings, and he continues to add to the UFM.

“My work is so large I doubt if there is anyone in the area with big enough walls inside their house for my art,” he said.

“Big Momma Chicken” is accompanied by a brood of chicks. Hurley said he felt compelled to add a few rabbits into the mix.

“Hey, what the heck, it’s Easter and everyone loves bunnies,” he said.

Hurley showed a sketch of his idea to Paul Naron back in January and got the go ahead to proceed with the project. Beginning with a scaled drawing (one inch to a foot), Hurley designed the mural to flare out above and below the window, while the head and beak of the chicken stay clear of a light fixture. The six pieces were all jigsawed and primed before the painting began.

“Painting so large is a challenge, and you’re not completely sure if the proportions will be correct until the mural is on the wall,” said Hurley, who sometimes had to work with a big brush taped to a long stick, as the mural was painted on the floor. The chicks were especially challenging, he said, because he wanted to avoid a cartoon-like image.

Hurley said his target audience is children around age 4, who have yet to form ideas of “what art is supposed to be.”

“If I can get a young child inspired by art and to see their everyday world with their original mind, then I am approaching what my goal is,” he said.

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