There was a full house at the Montville town meeting March 24 with 104 residents in attendance on a beautiful sunny day.

Even before the elected moderator, Glenn Couturier, got too comfortable with his gavel, longtime resident Sandy George asked the selectmen, "Can we have an explanation … why we haven't finished the audit?"

In response, First Selectman Jay LeGore said, "The new accounting system has been a nightmare. It's almost completed and we will make it available when it is."

Treasurer and Tax Collector Terry Fischer read a prepared statement in anticipation of this question, echoing LeGore's sentiment about the new TRIO accounting software.

"Its implementation has issues which (have) tainted everyone's opinion," Fischer said. "(We) manually backloaded information which caused some unique problems. The Bureau of Motor Vehicle conducted an audit. The old accounting software did not interface with the new system."

Fischer also reminded residents that the town was without a clerk for a month when Abbie Hills left her position and Sandi Devaney was hired as the new town clerk.

"Please be patient," Fischer said. "We're trying our very best."

Articles 2, 3 and 4 dealt with electing a town clerk, treasure/tax collector, and selectmen.

Hannah Hatfield was elected as the new town clerk with Katie Campbell and Sandi Devaney as deputy clerks.

Selectman Cathy Roberts read a prepared statement from Hatfield that said she would not be able to process BMV requests until she is authorized by the state.

Fischer was re-elected as the town's treasurer and tax collector and Jay LeGore and Bob Price were re-elected as first and second selectmen, respectively. Cathy Roberts was nominated as third selectman but she declined, surprising some in the room.

Carrie Hanagriff was nominated by Roberts and elected as third selectmen. A resident asked moderator Couturier to see and hear Hanagriff, as she is a relative newcomer.

"She is standing right in back of you," Couturier said. "She is my daughter."

Hanagriff told the crowd that she grew up in Montville and currently teaches senior English at Mount View High School.

Greg McDaniels, John Twomey and Cathy Roberts were elected to the Planning Board and residents also elected Susan Shell to the budget committee.

There was debate about changing the road commissioner position to an elected rather than appointed position. It seems both sides wanted the same thing, the key word being "accountable."

"We tried having an elected road commissioner in the past and it didn't go all that great because of lack of supervision," First Selectman LeGore said.

Second Selectman Price said, "Appointment is a better process. If you live on a gravel road (this time of year), you are not happy."

Resident Bonnie Hrichak said, "There is no paperwork available for what has been done or what needs to be done. There needs to be more accountability."

Former Selectman Roberts talked about a piece of software that could help tracking and logging but said ultimately more work is needed. "I agree with you, Bonnie, that is a place that needs improvement (accountability) — it's coming," Roberts said.

When the vote was eventually taken on whether to elect a road commissioner, the article failed; road commissioner remains an appointed position. Similarly, an attempt to elect a fire chief also was voted down.

The Montville Historical Society was given a thumbs-up to construct a post-and-beam building funded by the society to house and display items of historical interest. The building will be be designed to look similar to the blacksmith shop across from the Town House, according to society President Debi Stephens.

A paper ballot was taken on the Local Food and Community Self-Governance article. A few residents voiced their concerns about food safety, but ultimately it was approved by a vote of 65 yes, 25 no.

According to Road Commissioner Steve Lucas, portions of Center and Halldale roads will be paved this ensuing year with the $50,000 from Article 22 dealing with Public Works and Highway Department.

After lunch, only about a third of the residents remained to hash out what was left of the warrant.

It was brought up to moderator Couturier that Articles 28 and 29, asking to raise and appropriate $1,000 for the Montville Field Day, were duplicates. It was decided to amend Article 29 to reflect a sum of zero.

Garry Owen House, temporary housing for homeless veterans, was given $250, the American Red Cross was given $500 and the Waldo County YMCA was not given any funds. All other agencies were given amounts requested.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Deputy Tax Collector Mary Thompson asked selectmen to expand on the audit and quell any misinformation that might arise.

Selectman LeGore said, as a result of the audit by BMV, some irregularities were brought to light. These issues were reported to the Attorney General's Office who turned them over to the Sheriff's Department. At this point the Sheriff's Department is doing an investigation into these irregularities, LeGore said.

The meeting ended at approximately 1:30 p.m.