The second annual Waldo County YMCA Lion’s Den Classic, for fifth- and sixth-grade basketball players, went off without a hitch Friday through Sunday, March 23-25, an event that saw 13 girls teams and nine boys squads vie for titles.

By tourney’s end, which showcased fifth and sixth-grade teams, the Medomak girls and Broad Cove boys collect championships.

Watch video and see bundle of photos below.

In the boys tourney, there were two Medomak and Belfast teams along with one each from Mount View, Thomaston, Calais, Broad Cove and Winslow.

In the girls tourney, Augusta, Belfast, Five Town, Mount Desert Island, Mount View, Ramblers, Georges River, Glenburn, Holbrook, Thomaston, Tri-Town, Winslow and Medomak Valley participated.

The tournament, held at the YMCA and Captain Albert Stevens School, was double-elimination, though each team was guaranteed at least three games.

In the boys tourney, Mount View beat Belfast White, Thomaston beat Belfast Blue, Broad Cove beat Winslow, Mount View beat Medomak Gold, Calais beat Thomaston, Medomak Blue beat Ellsworth, Ellsworth beat Belfast White, Winslow beat Belfast Blue, Belfast White beat Medomak Gold, Ellsworth beat Belfast Blue, Thomaston beat Medomak Gold, Broad Cove beat Mount View, Medomak Blue beat Calais, Winslow beat Belfast White, Thomaston beat Ellsworth, Calais beat Winslow, Thomaston beat Mount View, Broad Cove beat Medomak Blue, Thomaston beat Calais, Medomak Blue beat Thomaston and Broad Cove beat Medomak Blue in the championship final.

In the girls tourney, Medomak Blue beat Holbrook, Georges River beat Winslow, Five Town beat Glenburn, Winthrop beat Thomaston, MDI beat Mount View, Winslow beat Holbrook, Glenburn beat Thomaston, Medomak Blue beat Mount View, Georges River beat MDI, Winthrop beat Holbrook, Augusta beat Medomak Blue, Tri-Town beat Georges River, Five Town beat Winthrop, Belfast beat MDI, Winslow beat Thomaston, Glenburn beat Mount View, Medomak Blue beat MDI, Georges River beat Winthrop, Tri-Town beat Augusta, Five Town beat Belfast, Winslow beat Glenburn, Medomak Blue beat Georges River, Belfast beat Winslow, Medomak beat Augusta, Tri-Town beat Five Town, Medomak Blue beat Belfast, Medomak Blue beat Five Town and Medomak Blue beat Tri-Town in the championship final.

Midcoast girls teams included:

Belfast — Danica Gray, Madison Deans, Kayla Wight, Ava Markham, Breanna Shorey, Nichole Shorey, Jade Haber, Lillian Hughes, Audrey Goodwin, Kaelynn Beton and Kali Knight. The team is coached by Kevin Gray and Elmer Deans.

Five Town — Jaden Johnson, Amelia Johnson, Lily Martin, Brenna Mackey, Bella Ward, Kirsten Jones, Leah Jones, McKinley Boetsch, Grace Moody, Angel Hatnes and Sierra Laukka. The team is coached by Mick Johnson, Lars Johnson and Lynn Johnson.

Mount View — Lily Parsons, Summer Flewelling, Kylee Smart, Jordan Von Oesen, Mikayla Jones, Kayan Kinney, Rylee Corson and Destiny Adams. The team is coached by Mark Cooper, Shala Davis, Alex Fountain, Sage Cassidy and Sophia King.

Georges River — Sophie Vose, Hannah Erickson, Caitlyn Lamb, Natalie Hitx, Jillian Barnard, Sophie Daggett, Bailey Breen, Reilly Beaudry and Audrey Colby. The team is coached by Kris Vose and Jan Erickson.

Thomaston — Holly Davis, Audrey Colby, Shawnte Drummond, Mauwa Jordan, Anna Dupont, Alayna Marchessault, Jadyne Munro, Hannah Hall and Gracie Stevens. The team is coached by Brook Stevens.

Medomak Blue — Natalie Kaler, Eliza Luce, Lilly Christ, Kytana Williamson, Sara Nelson, Audrey Jackson, Olivia Pelkey, Haley Puchalski, Katherine McKenney and Maya Cannon. The team is coached by Andrea Williamson, Richard Williamson and Chris McKenney.

Midcoast boys teams included:

Medomak Blue — Vishal Mellor, Gavin White, Jack Martin, Kristain Schemann, Liam Belyea, Gabe Lash, Zan Nguyen, Landon Trask, Aaron Reed, Sam Moody and George Mood. The team is coached by Matt Moody and Scott White.

Medomak Gold — Liam Winchenbach, Carrick Lally, Derek McKechnie, Slavic Moody, Connor Benner, Kolby Staples, Aiden Abbotoni, Atticus Blue, Lincoln Ball, Kyle Smith and Donnie Havener. The team is coached by Amber Abbotoni and Andy Havener.

Belfast White — Sam Duval, Jacob Lindelof, Jaxon Duval-Suttun, Gary Gale, J.D. Littlefield, Kamin Wetterington, Elias Higgins, Curtis Littlefield, Sam Field and Luke Johndro. The team is coached by Chris Duval and Jess Lindelof.

Belfast Blue — Cole Clark, Ethan Abbott, Elie Veilleux, Cole Castro, Hagan Chase, Pete Lovejoy, Ben Allen, Chandler Patterson, Caden Nickerson, Eric Lear and Ben Osbourne. The team is coached by Dean Clark and Tyler Prescott.

Mount View — Hannah Ferreira, Aaron Reed, Noah Denham, Kayleigh Dunton, Luke Bickford, Michael Miville, Isaiah Hubbard and Wyatt Evensen. The team is coached by Craig Brown and C.J. Ingraham.

Thomaston — Quinten Kruger, Parker Darge, Ethan Bicaj, Connor Beal, Dominick Vose, Taygan McAllister, Hunter Shook, Maddox Robishaw, Nathaniel Thompson, Joey Bell and Michael McCue. The team is coached by Jared Penten and Ron Porter.

Broad Cove — Dylan Benner, Mathias McPhail, Kaden Melquist, Landyn Benner, Ben Tripp, Kory Donlin, Kavie Maloney, Logan Meklin, Blaine Poland and Larry Robbins. The team is coach by Travis Doughty and Mike Benner.

The following is a breakdown of both championship finals:


Broad Cove 30, Medomak Blue 28 (OT)

Broad Cove led 5-2 after the first quarter, 16-13 at halftime and 22-21 after three quarters, while the two squad were tied 26-26 after three quarters.

Landyn Benner led Broad Cove with 18 points, while Robbins added four; Dylan Benner and Kory Donlin, three; and Tripp, two.

Mellor scored nine points to lead Medomak Blue, while Lash added seven; Reed, six; Nguyen, four; and Moody, two.


Medomak Blue 31, Tri-Town 15

Tri-Town led 4-2 after the first quarter, while Medomak led 12-6 at halftime and 22-8 after three quarters.

Cannon led Medomak with 12 points, while Jackson and Nelson added six; McKenney, five; Williamson, four; and Christ, two.

Annabelle Morris scored six points for Tri-Town, while Madelyn Morris added four; Kaysie Getchell and Emma Hodgton, two; and Skyla Dean, one.

Medomak was 3-of-5 (60 percent) from the foul line, while Tri-Town was 3-of-15 (20 percent).

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