The Waldo County Sheriff's Office, in collaboration with Mount View art students, has developed a "See Something Say Something!" campaign to promote open communication between the community and public safety authorities.

According to Mount View School Resource Officer Jordan Tozier, after the beating death of Marissa Kennedy in Stockton Springs, the Sheriff's Office wanted to spread a message to the community: Report any questionable activity — even anonymously.

The Sheriff's Office has established a protocol with the regional communications center that allows anyone to call 1-800-660-3398 and provide information anonymously, according to a press release from the Sheriff's Office. The caller needs to state they wish to remain anonymous and no personal information will be requested.

High school students in Eric Phillips' advanced art class were divided into teams and tasked with coming up with posters advertising the campaign and that community members, no matter their age, are not alone.

Students agree communication and community support is key.

"I think it's important to spread information that they are not alone," senior Myah Hatfield said. "I think it is great to help and I'm glad to be a part of this."

"(The posters) help spread awareness," senior Colby Robbins said.

"It's time for everyone to take a stand within the community," junior Stella Tirone said.

The posters contain contact information for the Sheriff's Office as well as hotline phone numbers to report child abuse, suicide, sexual assault and domestic violence.

The See something, say something campaign posters will be printed within three or four weeks and distributed throughout Waldo County schools and businesses, according to the art teacher.

"It's been a collaborative effort in making the posters," Phillips said.

Chief Deputy Jason Trundy said officers want to get information out to students especially, so if they are in distress, they feel encouraged to reach out for help.

The effort also is designed to encourage community members to report to law enforcement situations of concern.

Students in Phillips' class also have been working on a video public service announcement about texting and driving. The video was started last year and will be wrapping up production in the near future.

Students also took part in a design competition to decorate Tozier's tailgate. Three different designs were entered and the school voted on the winning design.