A Lion, Mariner, Schooner and Riverhawk wrangled their way to Pine Tree Wrestling League individual mat championships on Saturday, March 31 at Skowhegan High School.

Additionally, 10 other area middle school wrestlers — out of 28 from the Midcoast who qualified to participate — from Oceanside of Thomaston/Rockland, Troy Howard of Belfast, Medomak of Waldoboro and Camden-Rockport, secured top-four finishes at the meet.

The young wrestlers who brought home league titles were Oceanside’s Gavin Ripley (87 pounds), Troy Howard’s Gabe Kelley (130 pounds), Camden-Rockport’s Henry Pharris (155 pounds) and Medomak’s Levi Ward (170 pounds).

In all, Troy Howard earned a first and three third-place finishes, Oceanside a first, second, third and two fourths, Camden-Rockport a first, second and third and Medomak a first and second.

The league championship team scores were: Mattanawcook of Lincoln 120.5, Bucksport 119, Oxford Hills of South Paris 92.5, Mount Ararat of Topsham 85, Skowhegan 80, Troy Howard 74.50, Oceanside 71, Mount Blue of Farmington 61, Camden-Rockport 59, Mountain Valley of Rumford 56.50, Medomak 41.5, Phillip W. Sugg of Lisbon Falls 40, Cony of Augusta 39, T.W. Kelly of Dirigo 31, Winslow 29.50, Bangor 25, Lawrence of Fairfield 21, Erskine of South China 16, Nokomis of Newport 7, Gardiner 6, Ellsworth 5, Dedham and Bath 3, and Mount View of Thorndike no score.

The individual Midcoast student-athletes results who finished among the top four included:

Camden-Rockport — Henry Pharris (1st at 155), Julian Henderson (2nd at 75) and Michael Rollins (3rd at 87).

Medomak — Levi Ward (1st at 170) and Brady Carter (2nd at 123).

Oceanside — Gavin Ripley (1st at 87), Maddy Ripley (2nd at 81), Keleb Blackwell (3rd at 195), Hale Morris (4th at 105) and Seth Spear (4th at 111). The Ripleys are siblings.

Troy Howard — Gabe Kelley (1st at 130), Conner Fournier (3rd at 75), Kaden Bonin (3rd at 99) and Jonah Lovejoy (3rd at 137).

The individual results for Midcoast wrestlers were:

75 pounds — Julian Henderson, CR, pinned Eli Farias, Gar, at 3:48; won by major decision over Zack Putnam, Dir, 9-0; and was pinned by Cole Albert, Matt, at 2:56, in the championship final. Henderson finished second.

Connor Fournier, TH, beat Nick Rowe, MtB, 9-7; was pinned by Cole Albert, Matt, at 0:53; pinned Brody Simons, Ban, at 0:59; and pinned Nick Rowe, MtB, at 2:45, in the consolation final. Fournier finished third.

81 pounds — Maddy Ripley, Ocean, beat Kaden Hewett-Adams, MtB, 5-0; beat Nate Gamache, MtVal, 6-2; and lost to Colby Nadeau, Law, 3-2, in the championship final. Ripley finished second.

87 pounds — Gavin Ripley, Ocean, pinned Caleb Gamache, MtVal, at 1:08; pinned Gavynn Young, TH, at 3:34; and pinned Stephen Galkowski, MtB, at 1:17, in the championship final. Ripley finished first.

Michael Rollins, CR, pinned T.J. Sumrall, Con, at 4:12; was pinned by Stephen Galkowski, MtB, at 3:10; beat Caleb Gamache, MtVal, 8-5; and won by major decision over T.J. Sumrall, Con, 14-2, in the consolation final. Rollins finished third.

Gavynn Young, TH, pinned Colton Carter, Law, at 4:14; was pinned by Gavin Ripley, Ocean, at 3:34; and lost by injury default to T.J. Sumrall, Con.

93 pounds — Emma Vydas, CR, was pinned by Aiden Clark, Skow, at 1:04; beat Eban Barker, MtB, 6-2; and was pinned by Connor Fitch, Buck, at 0:35.

99 pounds — Kaden Bonin, TH, beat Kaiden Beasley, MtA, 7-0; lost to Samual Schmitt, Win, 3-0; won by major decision over Thomas Ferrari, MtB, 12-0; and beat Eli Hoshide, Ban, 1-0, in consolation final. Bonin finished third.

105 pounds — Hale Morris, Ocean, beat Mike Welch, Skow, 7-4; was pinned by Shea Farrell, MtA, at 4:14; pinned Davin Barnard, MtV, at 1:38; and was pinned by Grant Carrier, MtVal, at 2:50, in consolation final. Morris finished fourth.

Davin Barnard, MtV, was pinned by Grant Carrier, MtVal, at 1:55; received a bye; and was pinned Hale Morris, Ocean, at 1:38.

William Haslam, CR, was pinned by Shea Farrell, MtA, at 0:14; and was pinned by Mike Welch, Skow, at 2:15.

111 pounds — Seth Spear, Ocean, won by major decision over Momo Alibrahim, Con, 13-1; lost to Max Merrill, MtVal, 4-0; beat Joah Thompson, CR, 5-4; and lost to Matt Long, OxH, 2-0, in the consolation final. Spear finished fourth.

Joah Thompson, CR, lost by technical fall to Matt Long, OxH, 16-0; pinned Xavier Pike, Ban, at 0:58; and lost to Seth Spear, Ocean, 5-4.

Zachary Winchenbach, Med, was pinned by Max Merrill, MtVal, at 2:01; and was pinned by Momo Alibrahim, Con, at 0:27.

123 pounds — Brady Carter, Med, won by technical fall over Randy Wooten, OxH, 15-0; won by major decision over Aidan Laviolette, Sugg, 14-5; and was pinned by Spencer Leclair, MtA, at 1:41, in the championship final. Carter finished second.

Griffin Carnell, CR, was pinned by Spencer Leclair, MtA, at 0:29; and lost to Abby Hanscom, Buck, 4-3.

130 pounds — Gabe Kelley, TH, pinned Ethan Dunbar, Sugg, at 0:34; pinned Josh Dunham, MtB, at 2:59; and pinned Tyler Hallett, Buck, at 1:21, in the championship final. Kelley finished first.

137 pounds — Jonah Lovejoy, TH, pinned Drake Aheam, Gar, at 2:19; lost to Kyle Graffam, MtA, 13-6; pinned Alyssa Maguire, Buck, at 2:17; and won by technical fall over Jordan Smith, OxH, 15-0, in the consolation final. Lovejoy finished third.

Cole Wallace, Med, was pinned by Kyle Graffam, MtA, at 0:23; and was pinned by Drake Aheam, Gar, at 0:59.

145 pounds — Levi Woods, TH, lost to Mason Rowe, MtB, 14-8; pinned Shane Cross, Nok, at 0:20; and was disqualified against Hunter McEwen, Skow.

Wyatt Rhodes, Med, was pinned by Hunter McEwen, Skow, at 4:13; and was pinned by Maximus Openshaw, Con, at 1:23.

155 pounds — Henry Pharris, CR, pinned Isaiah Bradeen, Dir, at 0:22; pinned Bristol Leahy, OxH, at 4:06; and beat Jeremy Harmon, Sugg, 7-1, in the championship final. Pharris finished first.

Frankie Martin, TH, was pinned by Robert Levellee, MtVal, at 2:26; pinned Brian Henry, Ocean, at 1:08; and lost by major decision to Bristol Leahy, OxH, 11-3.

Brian Henry, Ocean, was pinned by Jeremy Harmon, Sugg, at 0:39; and was pinned by Frankie Martin, TH, at 1:08.

170 pounds — Levi Ward, Med, pinned Trevor McDaniel, Sugg, at 0:14; pinned Casey Mills, Con, at 4:20; and beat Kaden Salley, Skow, 7-5, in the championship final. Ward finished first.

195 pounds — Keleb Blackwell, Ocean, pinned Drake Malloy-Caron, Bath, at 0:45; was pinned by Isaiah Oufiero, OxH, at 1:10; pinned Liam Boucher, Med, at 2:29; and pinned Isaac Potvin, Sugg, at 1:27, in the consolation final. Blackwell finished third.

Liam Boucher, Med, was pinned by Isaac Potvin, Sugg, at 3:35; pinned Alex Beal, MtA, at 0:23; and was pinned by Keleb Blackwell, Ocean, at 2:29.

240 pounds — Jacoby Davis, Ocean, was pinned by Brayden Doucette, Skow, at 0:26; and was pinned by Xander Doty, Ban, at 1:56.

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