On Friday, April 6, some 27,000 school children around the world, in all 50 states and 28 countries, will put down their books and let their imaginations run free as they mold themselves into trees, flamingos, windmills, kites and other kid-friendly yoga positions.

They will be joined by other children at home, schools, and studios, all led by more than 200 official ambassadors, including Belfast educator and children’s yoga teacher Mallory Banks Harnden. It’s all part of the third annual Kids’ Yoga Day, which is the primary event of the nonprofit organization World Yoga Power.

World Yoga Power founder, internationally recognized yoga expert, and creator of The ABCs of Yoga for Kids product series, Teresa Power says few people understand how powerful yoga can be. More than a great way to become fit, she says parents who practice yoga with their children get a bonus: stronger relationships with them.

“When you both do something healthy and fun, you will get closer,” Power said, noting that the type of yoga she favors is playful and does not involve chanting.

Banks Harnden plans to celebrate Kids’ Yoga Day locally at 11 a.m. at Helping Hands Family School, 37 Miller St., Belfast.

“We have always incorporated yoga into our curriculum at Helping Hands because it aligns so well with the Montessori philosophy of self-awareness, peace, movement, and emphasis on process over product," she said in a press release. "Kids’ Yoga Day is a great opportunity to remind our families and the larger community of the physical and mental benefits of doing yoga with children.”

Mallory Banks Harnden is a toddler teacher and assistant director of Helping Hands Family School. She got her Children’s Yoga Teacher certification in July 2017 through Karma Kids Yoga in New York. She currently teaches yoga to her children at Helping Hands but hopes to offer classes more widely in the community in the future.

For more information, contact Banks Harnden at 323-5962 or m.banks.harnden@gmail.com, or visit kidsyogaday.com.