Police are searching for a man with a white ponytail and an unusual hat, who is believed to have propositioned boys in Belfast City Park March 28.

Sgt. John Gibbs of Belfast Police said two boys, ages 12 and 7, were playing by the dugouts of the baseball field at City Park when a man approached them and made a comment about how they should have boots on, since the snow was still deep.

The boy said they were on their way to play basketball and the man asked if he could watch. When the boys didn't strongly object, the man walked with them and on the way asked the older boy if he knew what a blow job was. The boy said he did, and the man asked if the boy wanted one.

The boys ran away to a man and woman who were walking in the park and told them what had happened. The second man, who was hard of hearing, misunderstood what the boys said, and initially thought the man with the ponytail from whom they had run had asked where to find the post office.

Based on descriptions from the boys and the couple, the man had white hair in a ponytail, glasses, tan pants and an unusual hat that was described either as a bomber hat with no fur or a Sherlock Holmes hat.

After hearing the boys' story, the second man and approached the man with the ponytail to ask if he was lost. The man with the ponytail claimed the boys asked him where the bathroom was and he told them. The second man noted the other man did not look at him and was acting weird. The man to whom the boys had run later reported that he walked in the park daily and had never seen the man with the ponytail before.

He called the police department and Sgt. Gibbs came to the park but could not find the man with the ponytail. Soon after, Gibbs got a call from the mother of one of the boys and was able to interview them about what had happened.

Gibbs spoke to the woman who had been walking with the man who reported the incident. Unlike the man who misheard the boys, Gibbs said, she used the same wording the boys had used.

Gibbs said the boys did exactly the right thing by getting to a safe place and telling an adult. Police are asking anyone with information on the identity of the man with the ponytail to contact Belfast Police Department 338-5255.