Local luthier and woodworker Jim Macdonald brought his Eat a Peach Tribute Guitar to the Northeast Guitar Expo in Wallingford, Conn., on April 8th and will be at the Artisan Guitar Show Friday through Sunday, April 13 through 15, in Harrisburg, Pa. He is hoping to bring the instrument farther south, soon.

The guitar features a marquetry rendition of the Allman Brothers' epic “Eat a Peach” album's inside cover design, originally created by Flournoy Holmes and David Powell of Wonder Graphics. Macdonald plans to donate the instrument to another Allman Brothers’ tribute — the Big House Museum in Macon, Ga.

Macdonald makes finely crafted solid-body electric guitars featuring handcut marquetry designs made of wood, a medium he has taught at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport. His Eat a Peach Tribute Guitar is a real standout.

“I have played this guitar and I am here to tell you that it plays and sounds every bit as good as it looks! We would be honored to have this at The Big House Museum for fans from all over to play and enjoy," said Richard Brent, director of the museum.

In order to give the guitar to the museum, Macdonald is running an online Indiegogo crowd fundraiser. The campaign was launched in Unity last month and runs through Sunday, April 29. The purpose of the $15,000 campaign is to have contributors provide the purchase price of the guitar and cover expenses for a trip for two to Macon, Ga., so Macdonald can present the guitar to the museum.

“A bigger manufacturer of guitars can afford to give an instrument away, but that is not the case for my one-man shop,” Macdonald said. “A finished guitar must be sold to provide capital to fund the next builds.”

Contributor perks include everything from T-shirts, Macdonald’s own maple syrup and museum memberships to Sheptone Humbuckers, tattoos and a Fantasy Goldtop Guitar from James Macdonald Art Guitars. To see the campaign, visit the Send Eat a Peach Guitar to Allman Brothers Museum project on Indiegogo.com.