The Rev. Kate Braestrup of Lincolnville, chaplain for the Maine Warden Service since 2001, has received the MaryAnn Hartman Award. It was presented March 27 in Orono.

The Maryann Hartman award is given annually to three distinguished Maine women who demonstrate the levels of attainment now possible to women. The award recognizes the diversity in interests, service, geographic location, and culture that best represents Maine. Strong leadership and role modeling in the nominee’s work are also important. Braestrup was one of the three to be so-honored this year.

Col. Joel Wilkinson of the Maine Warden Service said, “Kate is a tremendous human being, first and foremost, with a valid understanding of her role in service to others. She does this from a centered place of genuine care for others. She is a tremendous resource to the state of Maine, the Maine Warden Service and the entire law enforcement community. We are so proud of her, and glad she is being recognized by the university for this award.”

The MaryAnn Hartman Award: After receiving a Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University in 1969, Maryann Hartman joined the University of Maine faculty as an assistant professor and director of forensics.

A pioneer in the field of oral interpretation, Hartman studied communicative arts from historical, rhetorical, and aesthetic perspectives. The Maryann Hartman and Young Women’s Social Justice awards honor the spirit, achievement, and zest for life that Hartman epitomized.