The following deed transfers were recorded at Waldo County Registry of Deeds between March 30 and April 5.


Brent M. MacLeod to Jeffrey K. Van Peski and Monica C. Van Peski.

John D. Bielenberg to Craig L. Watson and Carolyn M. Watson.

Michael J. Chamberlain and Erika A. Chamberlain to Jeffrey C. Hall.

Wayne A. Cunningham and Lori A. Cunningham to Whitney L. Cunningham and Alexander J. Morris.


David N. Lewis to Peter H. Davis.


Irene D. Brown Irrevocable Trust to John A. Ford Sr. and Judith D. Ford.


Lawrence E. Croft to Annie M. Croft and Zachary T. Croft.


Town of Knox to Michael Bailey.


Roger F. Feid and Maria A. Feid to Joshua P. Goodman and Beth A. Goodman.

Robert Ryan Leadbetter and Jared Knight Leadbetter to Judy A. Creamer and Randall W. Creamer.


Barabara E. Richards, Frederick A. Richards Jr. and Frederick A. Richards Sr. to Gwendolyn Dekoschak.


James A. Stacey, Gary A. Stacey, Donna S. Nickerson, Norman A. Stacey, Steven P. Stacey and Carolyn F. Stacey to James W. O'Brien and Paul H. Taber.


Elizabeth M. Metcalf Estate to Robert E. Metcalf Jr., Joy Metcalf, Toni-Marie Mahoney, Joella Cole and Sherrie Pierce.

Kimberly K. Hlavinka, Kimberly Marie Keck Hlavinka and Kimberly M. Keck to James B. Thompson and Matthew D. Burke.


Ralph E. Leathers and Shirley A. Leathers to Benjamin J. Vawser and Harry Mitchell Billington.


Rose Acceptance Inc. to Daniel O'Brien and Tamera O'Brien.

Donna C. Allen to Kay-Frances Ripley and Charles E. Ripley II.

Damon Wayne Holmes and Ann Marie Holmes to Tuesdi M. Woodworth and Michael T. Overton.


Paul E. Kinne Jr. to Heather N. M. Kinne and Heather N. Monroe.

Jennifer L. Gray and Mathew C. Pray to Janet Weaver and Charles Pray.

Stockton Springs

TD Bank NA to N A C Properties LLC.

Kimberley J. Rich to Ruth M. Harriman.


Sandra P. Talbot to Melonie K. Brown Living Trust.

Camden National Bank and Mary M. Brown to N A C Properties LLC.

Frances K. Hall to Carole A. Hall.

Walkental LLC to Crystal Howard-Doliber and Tamera Howard-Doliber.


Thomas W. Clark to Cravens Way Trust.


Town of Unity to Amy Whitcomb-Brown.

Town of Unity to Tyler J. Vonoesen Estate.

Town of Unity to Sherry Lynn Gray.

Reed E. Getchell to Reed E. Getchell and Kara Getchell.


Donald O. Nelson and Rita Nelson to Joseph D. Nelson.

Jessica S. T. Gower and William B. T. Gower to William B. T. Gower and Jessica S. T. Gower.

Robert Hersey Jr. to Chad Donald Madore.