Editor's note: This story contains graphic details that may not be suitable for all readers.

A Searsmont man with a long history of sexual predation had another year tacked onto his sentence for groping a woman on two occasions before he was incarcerated last year.

Glenn Reed, 70, is serving six years and 10 months for raping an 11-year-old girl in 2011. He had served less than seven months for that offense and was out on probation when he committed the first of two new sexual assaults.

The female victim of both of the most recent assaults, now 27, told a Waldo County sheriff's detective that Reed was at her home in November 2016 and offered her money for a sexual favor. When she refused, he grabbed her breasts and pinched her. Later he pinned her against a counter in the kitchen and attempted to sexually assault her. The woman escaped and locked herself in the bathroom until a relative she was living with returned home.

In February 2017, the woman's mother recruited Reed to drive the woman to a medical appointment in Bangor. The woman said in her interview with police that she brought along another man as a buffer against Reed's advances.

On the way there, she said, Reed was texting her while he was driving, asking her to perform a sexual act on him. On the ride back, she said, they dropped off the other man in Stockton Springs. Reed put his hand on her thigh as they were driving, continuing to hound her for sexual favors. He pulled over in front of Morrill General Store and grabbed both her breasts and tried to force her to touch him, at which point, she said, she screamed and he stopped.

Reed was charged with assault, unlawful sexual contact and three counts of unlawful sexual touching based on the two incidents. On April 4, he pleaded no contest to the new charges and was convicted on two counts of unlawful sexual touching and sentenced to 364 days in prison. The other three charges were dismissed.

In August, his probation was revoked based on the new charges and he was sentenced to serve out the remainder of his 2016 rape conviction.

He is currently incarcerated at Maine State Prison.

Reed's history of sexual assault dates back nearly 40 years, yet the judicial system appears to have often given Reed the benefit of the doubt. On multiple occasions he has had convictions delayed or scuttled by mistrials or overturned on appeal. When the convictions have held, suspended sentences and good behavior credits have dramatically shortened his time behind bars.

In 1982 he was convicted of raping a 16-year-old girl he picked up in his car in Lincolnville. According to previously published reports, Reed offered the girl a ride, then refused to let her out of the car, brought her to his house and raped her.

The conviction was overturned by Maine Judicial Supreme Court on grounds that the trial judge should have allowed testimony from Reed that the girl was a voluntary social companion, according to previously published reports. A second trial ended with a deadlocked jury. After a third trial and failed appeal in 1984, he was convicted and served almost three years in prison.

In 1987, soon after he got out, he was charged with three counts of gross sexual misconduct. One of the allegations was that Reed sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl whom he was driving to Penobscot Medical Center in Rockport to have casts removed from both arms.

Reed, a lifetime registrant on the Maine Sex Offender Registry, was released on bail after serving 10 months of a 12-year sentence. In 1989, the Maine Supreme Court overturned his conviction on grounds that observations from an expert witness that the victim showed signs of having been abused by a family member could not be proven by empirical evidence.

In 2013, Reed was sentenced to six months in prison and a year of probation for groping a sales clerk in Belfast. The victim said Reed claimed he was having a bad day and wanted a hug. When she obliged, he groped her and made sexual comments, according to previously published reports.

His 2011 rape of an 11-year-old girl came to light in 2014 when the girl, then 14, wrote about it in a school essay that was turned over to police. Reed was charged, but a mistrial kept him out of jail until 2016 when he negotiated a plea deal for eight years with all but one year suspended.

Accounts from victims and officials filed at Waldo County District Court suggest that Reed routinely used drugs, both illegal and prescribed, in exchange for sex. In 2012, he reported a young woman to police for stealing his drugs. Police later determined he had been trying to trade oxycodone for sexual favors in a grocery store parking lot.

The girl who was raped by Reed in 2011 told police the people with whom she was living at the time welcomed Reed's visits despite his history of sexual assault because he supplied them with drugs and had "the good stuff." The girl, who told police she smoked marijuana with Reed before he raped her, claimed to have smoked pot many times and said the joint he gave her tasted different and made her unable to move while he took off her clothes and assaulted her.

Reed's 2016 prison term was stayed for a month so he could have a medical procedure for gallstones. Reed never had the procedure, and halfway through the month, his stay was revoked after a prescription for 224 oxycodone pills that he filled on the day he was sentenced came up 114 pills short in a random probation check — Reed variously claimed that a dog had knocked them into the toilet and that he himself had knocked them into the toilet after someone walked in on him while he was naked in the bathroom.

A probation officer in 2017 wrote that Reed "does not seem willing or able to stop victimizing people; furthermore he is not even willing to admit the fact that he is a danger."

"Based on his performance while on probation," he wrote, "it seems the only way to manage Mr. Reed and prevent him from victimizing more people will be a full revocation of this probation and long-term incarceration."

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article listed the incorrect date for one of the two assaults that led to Reed's most recent convictions as November 2017. In fact, the assault occurred in November 2016.