April 11, 1845

Belfast and Quebec Railroad: The legislature passed a bill for the extension of the time for the construction of the contemplated railroad from Belfast to Quebec. The terms of the bill are extremely favorable, and are certainly all that those interested could wish or expect. A meeting is called for this (Thursday) evening, when we hope there will be a very large attendance. Let every man put his shoulder to the wheel, and the work will be accomplished.

April 15, 1864

Smith’s Mirror of the [Civil] War – The new painting of war scenes by Miss Smith was exhibited in this city on Tuesday evening, to a very good audience, considering the unfavorable state of the weather. Of the painting itself, it is sufficient to say that it is superior in artistic skill to the former productions of the same artist, and in many particulars is of first rate excellence. It illustrates the most stirring scenes of war, since the former one was issued.

April 13, 1871

About the briskest business carried on here now is the retail trade in ’lasses candy – sweetness long drawn out and sold for a cent a stick.

The first load of cattle, 14 head, passed over the railroad from Brooks to Burnham last week.

Belfast Police Court – On the 8th, George Wentworth and Levi Temple were brought before the Court on a charge of breaking and entering a house of doubtful reputation, without consent of the occupants. They were fined one dollar and costs. In default of payment, Temple was committed to jail.

April 16, 1908

Last Saturday night between 8 and 9 o’clock, when the late shoppers were making their rounds, the electric lights failed and for a time it looked like Sunday night in the business section. Kerosene lamps, lanterns and candles were brought into use and in some cases barely made darkness visible. In about half an hour the lights were on again. The burning out of a dynamo caused the trouble.

Stockton Springs – The band social given in Hichborn hall last Thursday evening proved a very pleasant affair. A cobweb party was followed by a dance with about fifty present. Some $5.00 were cleared for the band fund and an enjoyable evening spent by all participants.

April 13, 1950

Events in Brooks by Donald R. Forbes: Several changes in the telephones have been made during the past week as follows. Town Manager Eben L. Elewell’s residence telephone has changed from line 15, ring 11, to private line 3, ring 11, and the First National Store telephone has been changed from 8003 to 8001, ring 5.

Playing at the Colonial – Mickey Rooney and Thomas Mitchell in The Big Wheel with an added Tom & Jerry cartoon.

The Pier opened last Friday evening for roller skating enthusiasts of Belfast and vicinity. The Pier is a popular place for the younger set.

April 14, 1955

Plans for a community polio vaccination program which have been under way for many weeks, pending a favorable evaluation of the Salk vaccine and the subsequent licensing of this product by the National Institute of Health, will go into action on April 25 in Waldo County.

Saturday Night is Dance Night. The place to go is The Blue Goose. Have a Big Time at the Big Dance for just a Half a Buck. It’s run by the Big Man, Harold.

Playing at the Brooks Theatre: Humphrey Bogart, Jose Ferrer, Van Johnson and Fred MacMurray in The Caine Mutiny.