“A blue wave is coming in 2018,” the news media happily proclaims. Indeed, the left has become more vocal in its opposition to just about anything that conservatives stand for.

But there’s a big difference between hoping and doing and just because the airwaves are filled with dissident voices, doesn’t mean that conservatives and the Republican Party in general are on their way out. In fact, I predict that as in 2016, a wave will sweep the country but it will be red, not blue.

Sometimes it is not the most vocal elements in a society that determine a country’s future, but rather the silent majority. And make no mistake, a great portion of those unheard-from Americans have strong feelings too, we just don’t hear much about them.

But just because the great majority of hard-working people don’t go around making speeches and carrying placards, doesn’t mean that they intend to stay home come next election. They won’t, because there’s too much at stake.

Let’s consider some of the many gains already enjoyed due to the Republican victory in 2016. First, President Trump has not only named staunch conservative Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, he has also appointed conservatives to numerous seats in lower courts. But that was only for starters.

Now, the Obama EPA is being reshaped by administrator Scott Pruitt. In keeping with candidate Trump’s promise to end the war on coal, Pruitt has rolled back the Obama Clean Power Plan regulations that gutted the coal industry and put countless people out of work. Now, soon-to-be ghost towns see a renewed sense of vigor and hope.

Also, Pruitt’s EPA has ended the Obama-era “Waters Of The United States” act, a Machiavellian scheme to put every drop of water, even mud puddles on private property, under federal control.

Once again, the Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with protecting the environment, not enacting needless laws that ruin people’s lives.

With all of these moves, the left loudly cries foul, while the right gives silent thanks.

Vocal minority

The old adage, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease,” has played well for the left over the last eight years. Republicans, fragmented and fearful of recrimination from the left if they didn’t agree with any and all freedom-bashing schemes, largely remained silent. But no more. Now, seeing the positive results of standing up to leftist policies, Republicans in the Senate and Congress have, to a good extent, become united under a president who means what he says and says what he means.

Democrats, on the other hand, scramble to oppose 100 percent of the president’s policies. But their obtuseness has won them no laurels and the louder they yell, the more they are seen as simple obstructionists. The sheep’s clothing has a rent and it’s possible now to see the wolf inside.

It’s easy to see why conservatives have reason to be hopeful. The things that matter to them such as lower tax rates, having straight constitutionalists on the nation’s highest court, freedom of religion and freedom from strangling regulations that had made life so difficult in the past, have all come to fruition.

So why would conservatives not want to retain all the gains that were made on their behalf? There is no reason. And it’s a sure bet that come November, conservatives, Republicans and freedom-loving independents will head to the polls in droves, if only to ensure the continuance of their gains.

Even the push against guns and the Second Amendment to the Constitution, something that has drawn national interest, really amounts to nothing more than a toothless tiger. As much as governors and mayors of blue states and cities strive to deprive citizens of their rights to self-protection, their efforts are meaningless.

No one is going to do away with the Second Amendment. To do that would require more energy than the left could ever, even in their wildest dreams, gin up. In fact all the anti-gun rhetoric has thus far had an opposite effect from what was intended. Gun sales are up around the nation.

This happens every time some gun-grabbing politician makes feints and thrusts designed to disarm the populace. I bought my first large-caliber handgun when Sen. Ted Kennedy was running for president. It seemed the last chance to arm myself with a powerful weapon before the gun-grabber Kennedy was elected. And it wasn’t just me who assumed a proactive stance. Hundreds of thousands of other Americans acted similarly.

We live in perilous times, perhaps the most perilous since World War II. But we have a Republican president presiding, with a Republican-dominated House and Senate. Conservatives know the key to our continued success and freedom lies in conservatives staying the course. And I’m sure that’s just what will happen come Election Day.

Tom Seymour is a freelance magazine and newspaper writer, book author, naturalist and forager. He lives in Waldo.