As a result of a veto override April 18, Waldo County Woodshed will be among nonprofit heating assistance organizations in Maine to be exempted from paying state sales tax.

LD 1755, introduced by Rep. Erin Herbig, D-Belfast, won approval in both houses but was vetoed by Gov. Paul LePage. On April 18, the Senate unanimously overrode the veto, and the House voted 147 to 2 to override.

The law exempts from the sales and use tax those incorporated nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to provide residential heating assistance to low-income individuals.

Bob MacGregor of the Waldo County Woodshed testified in support of LD 1755, saying, “Home heating is a vital necessity in Maine and we believe that this exemption would help groups like the Woodshed serve more people in their communities without placing an undue burden on the citizens of the state of Maine."