The Mount View baseball and softball teams' season-opening contests with Washington Academy were twice as nice on Saturday, April 21 as the Mustang squads hosted doubleheaders with the visiting Raiders.

The Mustang baseball team collected the only win for the school as they managed a split with the Raiders — swinging to a 6-3 victory and falling 11-5 — while the Mustang softball team fell 24-12 and 21-14 to the Raiders.

The following is a breakdown of the four contests:


Mount View 6, Washington Academy 3

At Thorndike April 21, the Mustangs doubled up the Raiders to collect their first win of the season. Mount View scored two runs in the first, fourth and sixth innings, while Washington Academy tallied one in the fourth and two in the sixth.

Leading the ‘Stangs at the plate were Noah Jacobs (run), Darret Fowler (run), Logan Curtis (single), Neal Kenney (2 singles), Max Tomlin (run), Barack Moody (double, single, 2 runs) and Andrew Savoy (run).

For the Raiders, Lukas McDonald (double), Caden Steeves (2 singles), Nevin Rhodes (single), Zach Cox (single, run), Jackson Scoville (single), Jack Emery (run) and Ethan Robinson (double, run) paced the offense.

Kenney and Fowler pitched for Mount View, allowing seven hits and two walks, with four strikeouts. Zain Fitzsimmons pitched for Washington Academy, allowing five hits and four walks, with seven strikeouts.

Washington Academy 11, Mount View 5

At Thorndike April 21, the Raiders swung past the Mustangs. Mount View scored one run in the second inning, three in the third and one in the sixth, while Washington Academy scored one in the first, second and third innings before plating eight in the seventh.

Leading the Mount View offense were Damien Doughty (3 singles, run), Garrett Butler (run), Curtis (single, 2 runs), Savoy (single, run), Moody (single, 4 stolen bases) and Brady Moulton (single, stolen base).

For Washington Academy, McDonald (2 singles, 2 runs, 3 stolen bases), Steeves (double, 2 stolen bases), Nevin Rhodes (double, run), Fitzsimmons (single), Cox (single), Scoville (2 singles, 2 runs), Emery (double, single, run), Micah Vose (run), Cecil Gray (single, run) and Jeff Graham (single, run) paced the offense.

Jacobs and Tomlin pitched for the ‘Stangs, allowing 12 hits and nine walks, with one strikeout. Rhodes went the distance on the hill for the Raiders, allowing seven hits and three walks, with 11 strikeouts.


Washington Academy 21, Mount View 14

At Thorndike April 21, the Mustangs fell by seven runs to the Raiders.

Leading the Mount View offense were Taylor Hodgdon (double, single, run, 2 RBIs), Alex Fountain (2 doubles, single, 2 runs, 2 RBIs), Devon Burgess (double, 2 runs, RBI), Emma Fonger (3 singles, double, 2 runs, RBI), Emily Lancaster (double, run, 2 RBIs), Kate Bourgeios (single, run), Eliza Geaghan (2 runs), Morgan Fonger (run) and Kalina Danner (run).

For Washington Academy, Kylie Atkinson (2 runs), Teeya Harmon (double, 4 runs), Brecken Barker (double, 3 runs), Hannah Atcherson (single, 5 runs), Haley Libby (run), Tabitha Pottle (run), Hailey Wood (single, run), Mikaila Loughlin (2 runs), Madelyn Willey (2 runs), Alexis Prescott (2 runs) and Rachel St. Louis (3 runs) paced the offense.

Morgan Fonger, Fountain and Emma Fonger pitched for Mount View, allowing a combined 10 walks, with six strikeouts.

Atkinson pitched for Washington Academy.

Washington Academy 24, Mount View 12

At Thorndike April 21, the Raiders swung past the host Mustangs. Mount View scored three in the second, seven in the third and two in the fifth, while Washington Academy scored four in the first, seven in the second, four in the fourth, one in the fifth and eighth in the sixth.

Leading the Mustangs at the plate were Hodgdon (double, run, 2 RBIs), Fountain (run), Burgess (2 runs), Emma Fonger (triple, 3 runs, RBI), Leah Bradstreet (double, 2 runs, RBI), Lancaster (double, run, RBI), Shauna Randall (run) and Morgan Fonger (run).

For the Raiders, Harmon (single, 4 runs), Libby (2 singles, 3 runs), Barker (single, 3 runs), Atcherson (single, 4 runs), St. Louis (3 runs), Daphne Foss (run), Loughlin (2 runs) and Wood (2 runs) paced the offense.

St. Louis pitched for Washington Academy, allowing four hits and nine walks, with two strikeouts. Emma Fonger pitched for Mount View, allowing five hits and 15 walks, with one strikeout.

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