It's mud season in Maine and many towns across Waldo County are up to their fenders in soggy dirt roads. Montville is no exception.

A road committee met April 23 at the Town Office and talked about how best to move forward with the resources at hand.

Selectmen, the road commissioner and plow drivers, along with approximately 10 concerned townspeople, discussed ways to survey and catalog road deficiencies.

The idea of a road committee is not new to the town, but this time around selectmen are trying a Road and Sign Management Software application (RSMS) which will help create a plan of action.

Selectmen Bob Price and Jay Legore said they purchased the program and drove on North Ridge Road to try it out.

According to Price, it was bit harder to use than anticipated because of the changing road landscape on North Ridge Road. Coordinates are input into the RSMS program using GPS to pinpoint specifically where the deficiencies are located.

Residents discussed forming teams of three to tackle surveying their own roads and possibly one or two others, with the goal of inspecting every road in the town.

All this information would then be input into the RSMS program, which would create reports and an overview with graphical charts, according to the RSMS website.

This, in turn, will help define priorities. Road treatment options are built into the program, along with recommended repairs, schedules and budgets.

After the work is performed, actual costs are entered and detailed notes including documents (such as contracts) and pictures can be included.

Montville Road Commissioner Steve Lucas said, "We have to have the money to maintain the dirt roads."

Legore replied,"It's been pretty flat-funded (the roads). A couple of things we've been getting behind on."

It was not clear from the discussion whether prioritizing would mean the top few roads would be fixed and other roads would just be made passable, or if other funding streams would need to be tapped.

The next meeting is slated for Monday, May 7, at 6:30 p.m. at the Town Office. Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to attend.