April 26, 1832

To the County Commissioners of the County of Waldo, at their session, held at Belfast: the subscribers respectfully represent that a new highway is wanted and required by common convenience and necessity to commence at the North West corner of Lot in Waldo Plantation No. 50 on which John Walls lives, and thence to pass through a part of said Waldo Plantation and the town of Brooks and a part of the town of Monroe to the school house standing near the house of John Sanborn. The subscribers therefore pray that said highway may be laid out, accepted, allowed, and recorded according to law – all which is respectfully submitted. James Gammons and Sixty others.

Notice: Whereas the subscriber has contracted with the Overseers of the town of Unity, to support the Poor of said town, with all the liabilities for the year ensuing. He therefore forbids all persons supporting, harboring, or trusting them on the said towns account, as there is ample provisions made for their support at the dwelling house of the subscriber in Unity. Joseph Mitchell 2nd. Unity, April 1832.

Infant School: L.M. Watson will commence a school on Monday next, for the instruction of children from two to seven years of age, at No. 13 Phoenix Row. April 24.

April 29, 1841

People usually fall into rhapsodies when they talk of Spring, – but they must have powerful imaginations to do so this year. We have had little but rain, snow, cold and fogs since the spring commenced. But the singing of the birds gives us proof that the spring has come, even if in unpleasant guise.

Mrs. H. Noyes, informs her friends and others in want of Tailoring, that she is prepared to execute that kind of work, in a workmanlike manner, and solicits a share of patronage. Cutting and Repairing done at short notice and at prices that will not fail to suit reasonable customers. Shop in the brick building, next below Furber & Bean’s hat store, up stairs in the end.

April 26, 1883

It is said that rum never ran more freely in this city than now, and last Sunday, as usual, a good deal of drunkenness was manifest. It seems as though something might be done to suppress this evil; and there is no doubt that something should be done.

David W. Dyer offers for sale all his property in this city, which includes his shipyard, marine railway, the Dyer House, and a private dwelling house. The buildings are good property but the yard and marine railway offer extraordinary inducements for a young and energetic man. Mr. Dyer is aged, which is his reason for selling. Here is an opportunity for some one to secure a good business.

As it is almost an assured fact that we are to have a soldiers’ monument in this city, the choice of a site is now under discussion. Three locations have been suggested, as follows: In Custom House square, on the triangular piece at the intersection of Church and High street above North church, and at the foot of the square below the residence of the late J.P. White.

April 28, 1904

Capt. E. H. Colby arrived last Saturday noon in his smack Daybreak with 1,800 pounds of live fish. The catch only included four or five haddock. Since leaving here on his last trip the weather has been very unfavorable for fishing, two snow storms and generally rough weather having been encountered. This trip was got off Seal Island. Mrs. Colby is now visiting relatives in Belfast and will go to their home in Sunset, Deer Isle, on the next trip of the Daybreak.

The coming attractions at the Belfast Opera House are Prof. Prescelle, the hypnotist, and George F. Hall in A Ragged Hero – a play which unfolds an interesting story of love and adventure. Further particulars later.

May 1, 1924

The city has bought the stable on Market street, in the rear of the Phoenix House, built and occupied for some years by Peter Gallagher. The city tools, one of the hose carriages and the city horses will be kept there. This will be a most desirable change as the use of the ground floor of the city building as a stable has been most objectionable. The stable is only a very short distance from the city building and within easy reach in time of need. After renovations have been made the new fire engine will be placed in the room where the horses have been kept.