A Belmont man who allegedly stabbed a homeowner multiple times in January has been committed after a psychiatric evaluation.

Jetton Whiting, 25, was charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing a 64-year-old man who owned the Lincolnville Road house where Whiting had been staying.

The victim told police that Whiting had been living in a camper on the property and had been invited into the house on Jan. 5 during a period of harsh weather.

The man said he asked Whiting to remove his clothes because they smelled bad and advised the younger man that he had poor hygiene, at which point Whiting grabbed a knife and lunged at him, stabbing him multiple times and saying "I'm gonna slice your throat; I'm gonna kill ya."

The man said Whiting stabbed him all over his body and was overpowering him when he suddenly stopped his attack and went away. The wounded man, whose injuries were not life-threatening, said he tried to clean himself up in the bathroom, then crawled to his bed and believes that he passed out. He told police that he "tried to come to the reality that he was likely going to die in bed."

At about noon the next day, a female friend came to the house to check on him and called 911.

Whiting was later found in an abandoned house and submitted to arrest without incident, according to police. He was charged with attempted murder, elevated aggravated assault and violating conditions of release. He was held without bail at Two Bridge Regional Jail.

On March 1, he was given an evaluation for competency and criminal responsibility at Riverview Psychiatric Hospital.

Waldo County Superior Court Justice Robert Murray on April 17 ruled that Whiting was incompetent to stand trial. Murray ordered Whiting to be committed to the commissioner of Health and Human Services for placement in an appropriate program for observation, care and treatment of people with mental illness, intellectual disabilities or autism. He is to be evaluated after 30 days for competency to stand trial.