More than 70 middle school- and high school-aged gymnasts — representing 26 Maine schools — had their day to step into the spotlight and shine on Sunday afternoon, May 6 at the Penobscot Bay YMCA.

Among those who competed at the North Atlantic Gymnastics Academy-hosted Maine High School Gymnastics State Championships were a handful of student-athletes who represented Camden Hills Regional School in Rockport and Mount View High School in Thorndike.

In the end, Camden Hills, as a team, finished first and Mount View seventh.

Watch video below.

Gymnasts, who competed in vault, uneven parallel bars, balance beam and floor exercise for an all-around score, also came from Orono, Brewer, Hermon, John Bapst of Bangor, Old Town, Skowhegan, Spruce Mountain of Jay, Messalonskee of Oakland, Hampden Academy, Winthrop, Gardiner, Waterville, Lawrence of Fairfield, Maranacook of Readfield, Winslow, Cony of Augusta, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield, Lisbon of Lisbon Falls, Leavitt of Turner, Edward Little of Auburn, Buckfield, Mount Ararat of Topsham, Saint Dominic Academy of Auburn and Lewiston.

Maine gymnasts train and compete for their regular private clubs during the year and then come together for one meet — this meet — to represent themselves and schools at the state high school championships.

For years, the Maine Principals' Association sponsored gymnastics meets and postseason tournaments, but has not for some time. Private clubs have taken over that role for the sport.

Sunday's Maine championship event was open to high school and junior high gymnasts.

Those listed to have competed (but they may not have) included: Camden Hills' Elise Condon, Isabella Barnes-Demers, Abby Hise, Julia Peasley, Kate Kemper, Audrey Scott, Marta Denny and Meghan Gallagher and Mount View's Kerrigan Smith, Ashley Frederick, Macy Fowler and Carly Spencer.

Before the meet, athletes marched in holding signs, or placards, with their school's name. Then the gymnasts rotated between apparatus.

Camden Hills gymnasts are members of NAGA, run by Jonas and Stacey Contakos, while the Mount View gymnasts are members of X-Treme Gymnastics & Tumbling Center of Unity, directed by Mikell Grant and owner Shannon Grant.

Celia Hunt and Lilly Hunt, who represented Skowhegan, and Megan Sweeney, who represents Hampden Academy, also train at X-Treme in Unity.

The team scores were: Camden Hills 108.8, Lewiston 105.15, Skowhegan 104.85, Lawrence 101.5, Messalonskee 99.950, Gardiner 97.4, Mount View 95.28, Old Town 94.1, Cony 92.450, Maine Central Institute 65.35, Winslow 63.6, Waterville 59.8, Saint Dominic Academy 52.5, Hermon 36.6, Buckfield 35.7, John Bapst 35.3, Hampden Academy 34.8, Orono 33.900, Leavitt 32.45, Spruce Mountain 32.0, Mount Ararat 30.85, Winthrop 28.950, Edward Little 28.75, Brewer 28.05 and Maranacook 27.10.

Camden Hills finished 26.10 on vault (1st), 27.45 on uneven bars (1st), 27.60 on beam (2nd), and 27.65 on floor (1st), for a first all-around at 108.80.

Mount View finished 25.0 on vault (6th), 21.88 on uneven bars (7th), 24.9 on beam (6th), and 23.5 on floor (7th), for a seventh all-around at 95.28.

The individual results for Midcoast gymnasts included:

Julia Peaseley, CH, 8.85 on vault (3rd), 9.3 on uneven bars (6th), 9.2 on beam (8th) and 9.25 on floor exercise (5th), for 36.6 all-around (3rd).

Audrey Scott, CH, finished 8.6 on vault (10th), 8.9 on uneven bars (15th), 9.4 on beam (4th) and 9.15 on floor exercise (8th), for 36.05 all-around (5th).

Elise Condon, CH, 8.40 on vault (22nd), 9.25 on uneven bars (7th), 9.0 on beam (11th) 9.25 on floor exercise (6th), for 35.9 all-around (6th).

Kerrigan Smith, MtV, 8.8 on vault (6th), 9.2 on uneven bars (10th), 8.9 on beam (14th) and 8.55 on floor exercise (21st), for 35.45 all-around (11th).

Marta Denny, CH, 8.1 on vault (46th), 7.9 on uneven bars (29th), 8.2 on beam (33rd) and 8.35 on floor exercise (27th), for 32.55 all-around (27th).

Abby Hise, CH, 8.6 on vault (12th), 7.4 on uneven uneven bars (20th), 8.8 on beam (20th) and 7.5 on floor exercise (44th), for 32.3 all-around (29th).

Isabella Barnes-Demers, CH, 8.65 on vault (8th), 7.2 on uneven bars (36th), 7.6 on beam (49th) and 7.5 on floor exercise (45th), for 30.95 all-around (36th).

Ashley Frederick, MtV, 8.2 on vault (41st), 6.68 on uneven bars (43rd), 8.2 on beam (35th) and 7.1 on floor exercise (54th), for 30.18 all-around (45th).

Kate Kemper, CH, 7.85 on vault (59th), 6.7 on uneven bars (48th), 8.0 on beam (40th) and 7.9 on floor exercise (38th), for 30.05 all-around (47th).

Macy Fowler, MtV, 8.0 on vault (53rd), 6.0 on uneven bars (54th), 7.8 on beam (41st) and 7.85 on floor exercise (41st), for 29.65 all-around (49th).

Meghan Gallager, CH, 7.7 on vault (64th), 5.5 on uneven bars (60th), 7.8 on beam (43rd) and 7.35 on floor exercise (50th), for 28.35 all-around (56th).