Greene Plantation Historical Society of Belmont is holding a public spaghetti supper Saturday, May 19, at the Ames Elementary School in Searsmont, cooked onsite by Gene Newton Jr.

The price is $10 for adults, $5 for children. Families can eat at a cap of $25. Rosey Gerry of Lincolnville will be auctioning off desserts and donated gift certificates from local businesses. All proceeds from the event will benefit restoration and maintenance of the one-room Greer’s Corner Schoolhouse of Belmont, built in 1908.

"We are proud of our little schoolhouse, which is still standing tall at Greer’s Corner in Belmont for over one hundred years," said Isabel Morse Maresh of the historical society in a press release. "Many locals attended Greer’s Corner school until 1954, when the Belmont elementary school was built across the road, on land donated by Wilbur Buck. The Belmont Town Office and Community Building now occupy the latter school."

The Greer’s Corner one-room school was given in trust, by the Redman family, to the Greene Plantation Historical Society in 1991, at which time families of former students donated new windows for the school, which were installed and covered with ‘"hardware cloth" wire covering for protection by Leigh and Mary Jean Smith.

"We’ve entertained young students over the years, to show them how school was conducted in the past," Morse Maresh said. "We hope to continue to show future students, and to raise interest in the past education system of a building which had no indoor plumbing, heat from a wood stove, on a desk that held an ink bottle for pupils to use to write with.

"It is also our purpose to teach the history of the area, which once included Belmont, Searsmont and Morrill," she said. A copy of a book of newspaper clippings, put together by Morse Maresh, will be available for sale at the supper. It denotes the last 29 years of the history of what the historical society has done "to educate those who wonder about the building as they pass by."

The nonprofit 501(c)(3) Greene Plantation Historical Society invites interested people to join; annual dues are $5. Morse Maresh notes that individuals may belong to more than one historical society.