Through a partnership between the Maine Department of Education and the University of Maine System, tuition will be waived for all qualified high school students to cover full tuition for up to 12 college credits per year.

Starting May 14, UMaine Hutchinson Center will offer summer courses suitable for rising high school juniors and seniors. Interested students and parents are encouraged to contact Academic Adviser Amy Smith, 338-8004 or to learn more about the application process.

Classes at the Hutchinson Center are small, personal, taught by UMaine faculty and meet general education requirements of the University of Maine System, as well as the majority of colleges nationwide.

Early college courses offered this summer at UMaine Hutchinson Center include:

BIO 100 – Basic Biology June 14–July 12

CHY 122/124 General Chemistry II Lecture and Lab May 15–June 21

ENG 101 – College Composition July 6–Aug. 24

ENG 205 Creative Writing May 14–June 22

HTY 103 – Creating America to 1877 June 25–Aug. 3

MAT 101- The Nature and Language of Mathematics May 14–June 22

MAT 122- Pre-Calculus June 25–Aug. 3

PSY 100- General Psychology May 14–June 20 and June 25–Aug. 1

Additional early college online courses also are available. For more information, contact Amy Smith, 338-8004 or