If one was a high school sailor, the place to be on Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, April 29 was in Penobscot Bay inside the Rockland Breakwater and just outside The Apprenticeshop on the city's waterfront.

That is because there was a regular varsity regatta on May 5, which followed the annual "Breakwater Blast," a jayvee event, on April 29.

Watch videos and view photos from the two regattas below.

Tori Willauer of The Apprenticeshop said, in the May 5 event, "it was a wild-and-wacky day, too windy to race in the usual area, so the course was set in close to land and the dock. This provided some slight relief in wind strength, though it still blew 15-18 with gusts higher and a top recorded gust of 26. The breeze also featured sudden shifts, with the nominally westerly swinging west/northwest and west/southwest.

Boothbay Region, Camden Hills, Islesboro Central School, Rockland Community Sailing and Portland participated in the event.

There were three rounds of matches in which each team raced each other team once, for a total of 30 races completed, as each team raced 12 times.

The senior-laden Camden Hills team had a weight and experience advantage and sailed well to compile a record of 11 wins and a loss, Willauer said. Boothbay also handled the conditions well and handed Camden Hills its only loss, as the Seahawks finished with a record of 10-2.

Willauer said Islesboro led Camden in two of its three matches coming to the finish, but lost once when a jib tack pin fell out, which resulted in the crew’s falling overboard and the boat unable to continue, and the islanders lost the other in last-second maneuvers at the finish line.

Islesboro ended the day third at 6-6, followed by Rockland 3-9 and Portland 0-12.

There were at least a dozen capsizes, only one of which was speedily recovered by skipper and crew, who then went on to finish second in the match, Willauer said. Only one protest was reported, but it was deemed invalid and never heard.

There were several collisions in the difficult conditions, Willauer said.

"Weary sailors by the end who showed great agility and perseverance throughout the day of 30 races," she said. "Spectating from The Apprenticeshop dock was great because of the close proximity of the windward marks and the finish."

Debbie Schreiber, Camden Hills coach, said "after a day of challenging conditions of strong and extremely shifty winds" her squad was able to place first.

Skippers Hugh Levitt, Simon Morin and Calvin James, all seniors, showed their experience and were able to execute team racing moves in the tough conditions, the coach said.

The individual match scores were: CH 9 BB 12; ICS 8 POR 13; BB 7 RCS 14; CH 8 ICS 13; RCS 9 POR 12; BB 6 ICS 15; CH 6 RCS 15; BB 7 POR 14; ICS 10 RCS 11; CH 6 POR 15; CH 7 BB 14; ICS 9 POR 12; BB 6 RCS 15; CH 9 ICS 12; RCS 8 POR 14 (two boats DNF); BB 6 ICS 15; CH 7 RCS 14; BB 7 POR 14; ICS 6 RCS 15; CH 6 POR 15; BB 7 CH 14; ICS 7 POR 14; BB 8 RCS 13; CH 6 ICS 15; RCS 9 POR 12; BB 9 ICS 12; CH 8 RCS 13; BB 6 POR 15; ICS 6 RCS 15; and CH 6 POR 15.

On April 29, in the "Breakwater Blast," five high school sailing teams gathered at The Apprenticeshop for a day of fleet racing. Rockland Community Sailing, Islesboro Central School, Mount Desert High School, George Stevens Academy of Blue Hill and Boothbay Region participated.

Willauer said the day started with no wind "but we did get two races off, drifting around the course. This was a jayvee regatta with A and B fleets that sailed as one large fleet of 15 boats. By the end of the afternoon, the wind filled in and we had seven races."

Islesboro finished first with 14 points, Boothbay 26 and RCS 52.

The sailors included:

Rockland Community Sailing — Skippers: Alton Coolidge, Ella Ryan and William Eggena. Crew: Claudia Fox, Lizzie Larson and Spenser Dorr.

Mount Desert High School — Skippers: Nate Ingebritson, Nate Philbrooke, Jacob Peobody and Naomi Welch. Crew: Alec Fisichella, Sofie Dowling, Alex Burnett, Sarah Knox and Kylie Higgins.

George Steven’s Academy — Skippers: Katie Forrest, Crew: Susanna Jakub, Hope Bowden and Ryan Mitchell.

Islesboro — Skippers: Sophie Lau, Lake Lindelof and Jasper Louden. Crew: Pia Gibson, Anika Rogers, Rylee Sienkiewics and Jett Lindelof.

Boothbay — Skippers: Ella Beauregard, Nate Greaves, Toby Clarkson and Bobby Clarkson. Crew: Hamilton Barclay, Nate Rideout and Della Hahn.

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