Waldo County Sheriff’s Office reported the following recent activity:

May 6

Alexander J. Shyduroff, 34, of Brooks, operating left of center against oncoming traffic.

According to police, Shyduroff was attempting to pass a vehicle on Veterans Highway in Brooks while another vehicle was in the oncoming lane. Shyduroff swerved left and went off the road, hit a ditch, went airborne, struck and severed a utility pole guywire and split the pole, then hit the ground just before a steep hill, went airborne again and came to rest on the driver’s side. Shyduroff, who was wearing a seat belt, reported pain over his entire body and was listed with possible injuries.

May 5

Geoffrey Guist, 32, of Swanville, expired registration.

Louis A. Rancourt, 61, Montville, arrested on a warrant from Kennebec County courts for violating conditions of release.

May 2

Michael Ellis, 31, of Stockton Springs, arrested in Searsport on a warrant from Belfast courts on a noncompliance contempt order for a family matter.

May 1

Kenneth Tracy, 36, of Prospect, arrested in Winterport on a warrant from Penobscot and Oxford County courts for a probation violation, probation revocation, unpaid fines, failure to appear

April 30

Robert F. Mehuren, 56, of Unity, indecent conduct.

According to police, someone reported seeing Mehuren urinating behind a dumpster.

Readers are reminded that an arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.