Northport Golf Club members continued early-spring swings with points quota and twilight league play in recent days.

On Sunday, May 13, on Mother's Day, in a points quota event, the team of Terry Whitney, Larry Quinn, Butch Norman and Chip Curry finished first 125; and Preston Ward, Dick Clements, Harvey Peterson and Joel Carver, second at 119.

Preston Ward finished first gross 77; Randy Berry, second gross 78; Steve Stanford, third gross 83; Paul Jasienowski, fourth gross 86; Phil Bowen and Terry Whitney, tied first net 69; Don Pendergast, second net 71; and Chip Curry, Butch Norman and Bruce Spaulding, tied third net 72.

The pin winners included: Marty Crowe, 7-7 on the third hole; Lee Robinson, 2-2 on the ninth; Butch Norman, 8-2 on the 12th; and Steve Stanford, 13-3 on the 18th.

On Tuesday, May 8 in twilight league play, in Class A, Peter Hodgkins finished first gross 40; Terry Whitney, second gross 42; Jeff Dutch, third gross 43; Alan Blood and Greg McDaniel, tied first net 37; and Chris Tibbetts, third net 38.

The pin winners were: Peter Hodgkins, 5-6 on the 12th; and Jeff Dutch, 10-7 on the 18th.

In Class B, Don Cynewski finished first gross 45; Duke Marston, second gross 49; John Amadee, third gross 50; Tony Field, first net 34; Jim Boulier, second net 35; and Slim Peaslee, third net 39.

The pin winner was: Bill Farris, 36-3 on the 18th.

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