May 14, 1840

Stray Mare – Strayed from the subscriber in Camden a brown mare, black mane and tail six years old, of middling size, low in flesh. Who ever will return her, or give information where she may be found shall be suitably rewarded. Wm. Carleton Jr.

Stray Mare – Came into the enclosure of the subscriber, a red mare six years old, having white hind feet and some lame. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take her away. William Hall.

May 4, 1860

On Wednesday, Mr. Baker, of the American House, who is always on the look out for something rare wherewith to gratify the palates of his guests, served up a noble Salmon. It was duly discussed by a large number of appreciating guests.

May 15, 1873

Capt. Crosley, of the Nova Scotian sch. Daniel York, has, by his foolhardiness, got a nice little bill to pay. He on Tuesday attempted to navigate his vessel down the Passagassawakeag river without a pilot and has come to grief. He first encountered difficulties at the upper bridge, which he overcame and got pointed for the lower one. Here’s where the grief comes in. The draw was raised and the drawmen called loudly for him to stop and run a line. Getting his eye fixed on the opening beyond, he saw naught, he heeded naught until he struck the draw, carrying it away with about twenty feet of the main bridge, together with telegraph poles and wires. The captain thinks he will remain where he is, inasmuch as the damaged draw lays across the passage and an injunction has been put on his vessel by the city authorities.

May 5, 1898

Wonders of the Heavens. – Next Saturday evening Professor Chandler, the well known astronomer, will give an illustrated lecture at the Congl. Church, presenting the marvelous discoveries by the monster Lick telescope. He will also present other scenes, including Klondike and the Cuban war. Professor Chandler recently became a resident of Waldo county and has a summer residence in Brooks.

The stars and stripes now float over all the schoolhouses every day when school is in session, instead of on ‘flag-days’ only, as formerly. The morning session of the schools is opened with singing America. The patriotic spirit is seen in the schools, even down to the primary grades.

May 11, 1916

Edward E. Babcock, master workman on the Country Club house at Bayside, says the work is progressing better than expected and that the building will be ready for dedication July 4th. He has eighteen men at work.

The physical culture class of Mrs. S. A. Parker, accompanied by Rev. Arthur E. Wilson, took an early morning walk Monday in search of birds. About 14 met at Mrs. Parker’s home at 6 o’clock, where coffee and rolls were served before starting up Miller street in the direction of Kirby lake and the adjoining pasture. Mr. Wilson’s knowledge of birds was a delight to the party.

May 10, 1951

A new diesel engine was delivered to the Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad yards in Belfast Saturday night, May 5. Built in Erie, Penna. The new diesel cost about $75,000 and completes the line’s current need for three such engines. According to B&ML’s Willfred Hall the line has been using two engines to capacity and delaying some shipments due to lack of engine power. ‘If we had a breakdown,’ says Hall, ‘we were stuck, because we had nothing to fill in with while repairs were being made.’ The new engine will give the line more time for engine maintenance work.

Playing at the Colonial Theatre: Joan Crawford and Wendell Corey in Harriet Craig, and Call Me Mister with Betty Grable, Dan Dailey and Danny Thomas.